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Homemade Christmas Decorations

by Cybele
I know you’ll be shocked and amazed to hear that I get a bee in my bonnet sometimes. Okay, maybe a bit more than that.
This month’s bee is because I love Christmas, but hate that we’re told we need to spend a whole lot of money to have a good Christmas. It’s just mean. We’re all busy at this time of year and that makes us easy targets. ‘You really need that set of pearl encrusted swizzle sticks or your Christmas will not be complete!’
A couple of well thought out gifts, some delicious food and lots of love should do the trick. It distresses me that we’re told to spend hundreds of dollars on decorations, chuck them out and buy new ones next year. I know I’m a tight arse, but this is my second year of making Christmas decorations using things we already have in the home and I’m hooked.
Last year, I did a paper Christmas tree and crochet baubles. This year, we made these photo ornaments to keep. We also made some paper chains for the tree, a star out of sticks and a mini tree out of my old diary that probably won’t last but were fun to make. Yes, it got a bit messy.Homemade Christmas decorations So the house isn’t that, ahem,  ship-shape at the moment, but if Aunt Bertha tells me my silver’s tarnished, I’ll give her a polishing rag.
Okay, you’re safe. I’ve finished ranting now.
Homemade Christmas decorationsWe don’t even have a proper Christmas tree at the moment, because (I’m tight) and we’re not hosting Christmas this year. We trimmed a branch off the pine tree in the garden and have had a lovely time decorating it.Homemade Christmas decorations

Christmassy Paper Chains

To make our paper chains with printed silver stars, little Heckle printed silver stars on the recycled paper. You can do this with a potato stamp, just put the paint on a sponge and press the stamp onto the paint soaked sponge.Homemade Christmas decorationsWe cut the paper into stripsHomemade Christmas decorations And stapled the links together. Homemade Christmas decorations

A recycle book Christmas tree

We folded down the pages of my old diary down (it didn’t take as long as I thought it would and an excellent job for little fingers!) I gave it a quick spray with silver spray paint. I cut out a little paper star and stuck it on a toothpick.

A star out of sticks

Cut sticks to even length.
Homemade Christmas decorations
Homemade Christmas decorationsLayout the star shape and tie ends and cross over points and watch out for photo bombing babies.star-is-born
Yay for the silly season!Stick-star
Here are two of my favourite posts on making Christmas decorations:
Planning with kids
A Beautiful Mess
What’s your favourite part of the festive season?

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