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Homemade cleaner

Homemade cleaning spray update

By Cybele
Way back in March, I did my comprehensive homemade cleaning kit. One of my favourites, Little Squirt, I use everyday and over time he has evolved and now he is even better and easier and cheaper to make.

Introducing Orange Little Squirt, the wonder cleanerHomemade cleaner

The powerful cleaning agent D-limonene found in orange oil has won my heart. It’s not possible to recreate the potency of commercial D-limonene at home, but that’s not really a problem as rarely do we need to work at that potency, unless you’re stripping paint and the like.
I have been making my own orange essential oil and in the process learned that one of the easiest ways to extract orange oil at home is by soaking orange peel in alcohol, water   or vinegar. This lead to the discovery that I could cut out the middle man and soak the orange peel directly in the cleaning spray. That way, I no longer need to buy the essential oil or make it separately to add later.

You will need:

Peel of 1-2 oranges
3 ½ cups vinegar
½ cup water A couple of squirts of dish washing liquid (US: dish washing soap).

How to make orange cleaning spray

Place the orange peel into the vinegar and soak for a few days (I usually leave it a week), take out the orange peel, pour the vinegar into a spray bottle and add the water and dishwashing liquid. This can be used on most hard surfaces with a cloth.

Homemade cleaning

Although, I confess I just add lots of orange peel to my bulk bottle of vinegar as soon as I buy it and use it as I need it and  and pluck the peel out with super long tweezers after a week. This could potentially be a fiddly option, but so far I have been lucky.


Cybele x

Have you had to some fortunate experiments in the world of homemade cleaning?

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  1. This is cool, Bell! I’m going to try it when I get home. Oranges are really cheap at Coles at the moment X

  2. Fantastic. I would love to hear how you go x

  3. I’ve been using a similar concoction for years! Soaking any citrus (mainly lemon) for 2 wks in white vinegar and omit the dish soap. I dilute it 1:1 with water and clean everything from floors to produce with it!

  4. Hi Bele,
    Is it necessary to dry the citrus peel for this direct vinegar infusion?
    Also, is the recipe above likely to be strong enough to strip, or damage the surface of varnished furniture?
    Thanks for your help… I so love this site!

    • Hi Tanya,
      In a perfect world, the peel would be dried because this would maximise the oil extraction, but perfect is not where I live and have just been dunking the fresh peel in and it’s been working a treat.
      Also, since I know you’re a fan of vanilla, you can also put vanilla essence in the vinegar.
      I haven’t used it on varnished furniture, I will have to look into this. I’ve been meaning to do a furniture polish for a while.
      It’s such a pleasure having you stop by.
      Bele x

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