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Homemade copper and brass polish

Love the Home You Have – day thirteen – kitchen project day

by Cybele
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Cleaning some copper is my project for the day. What are you up to in the kitchen?
We bought our set of copper pots from a retired chef with spiky blonde hair and had a wicked smile. She was selling up her grand old home to join the love of her life in the Netherlands. I often think about her when I cook with her pots and wonder how she’s doing. I like to think that if I keep cooking with these pots her adventurous spirit will feed and inspire us.
Maybe this is why I usually like the signs of life our copper pot show, but I charred my favourite little pot and she needs some TLC.
Homemade brass polish
If you own copper pots, this is a knock out cleaning tip I found in Stephanie Alexander’s, Cook’s Companion. It cleans a lot faster than commercial cleaners and smells a lot nicer too!

Ingredients for homemade copper and brass polishHomemade brass polish

Lemon, cut in half
1/4 cup salt
2 tablespoons egg white

Instructions for homemade copper and brass polish

1. Dip the half lemon in egg white and salt.Homemade brass polish
2. Rub the egg white and salt coated lemons over the copper until you are happy.Homemade brass polish
3. Shine with a microfibre cloth
Homemade brass polish
Bell x
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