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Homemade sewing kit

Mason jar sewing kit

by Cybele
This sewing kit is part of  my Handmade Christmas Gift series, because it’s just down right awesome to receive something that was made with lurve. This little number was inspired by the people who have mentioned to me that they would like to learn how to sew.
I was really lucky to have a lot of people in my life who taught me how to sew from my father, lovely stepmother, mother to various teachers. This probably means I should be better, but I don’t really care that I’m not very good I just like the fact that I can do the basics. Hand sewing is what I do, it takes longer, but that’s fine because I like doing it while watching movies or chatting to friends. It’s all very Jane Austen without the smelling salts.
 Choosing what goes into the kit is determined by the type of sewing to be done. These ingredients are based on my belief that it’s quite empowering to be able to sew on a button or stitch a hem and the like. They also happen to be very useful skills for those who love second hand goodies, not that I would ever be trying to sway people into that kind of thinking ; )
I picked up all the bits and pieces at the local discount haberdashery store. Except for the buttons.Homemade sewing kti
I love a good excuse to pull out my grandmother’s button collection.
Homemade sewing kti

Ingredients for a mason jar sewing kit

Jar, where the lid has a removable insert (see pic below)
Safety pins
Pouch or paper to store pin and needles in or on
Thread reels
Measuring tape
Needle threader
Small scissors
Thin cloth for pin cushion (I used thin denim-look fabric so it fits in the lid, because real denim would be too thick)
Foam or fill for pin cushion (I just used the stuffing from an old cushion)
Super glue
Homemade sewing kti

How to make a mason jar sewing kit

1. Cut fabric for pin cushion by cutting a circle about 1 ½ inch wider than the lid insert. Cut triangles into the circle to make the folding and gluing easier.Homemade sewing kti
2.  Do a test run to check how much fill you need by folding the pin cushion fabric around the lid with the stuffing inside (I rolled the stuffing in a piece of scrap fabric to make it easier to control), fitting it into the outside ring of the lid and screwing the lid on the jar.Homemade sewing kti
3. Once you’re happy you have the right amount of stuffing, it’s time to glue the pin cushion fabric to the underside of the lid and allow to dry.Homemade sewing kti
4. Fit the pin cushion into the outside ring of the lid and fill the jar with all the goodies.
And you’re good to give.
Homemade sewing kti


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