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Homemade Simple Garden Lights

© photographer RACHEL WHITING

by Cybele

These gorgeous garden lights are by BBC Journalist Joanna Gosling for her latest book Homemade Simple. With a title like that, it was guaranteed I would love the book and, yup, I do. Her projects range from useful and beautiful ideas for the home to gorgeous gifts and decorations for celebrations and holiday time.
I feel very lucky to be able to share a project and a sneak peak at the book before it’s released in Australia September 1st. These firefly lanterns are Joanna’s gorgeous idea for celebrating Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. This year Diwali will be November 3rd.
They would also look gorgeous for Halloween and Christmas. They use battery operated tea lights, so would be safe to use inside or out. My local craft shop sells the battery operated tea lights and they’re available online. They look like this.

The following tutorial is extracted from Homemade Simple by Joanna Gosling published by Kyle Books, London. Distributed by Simon & Schuster Australia. RRP $32.99 [PR]

Homemade Simple

Hanging firefly glass lanternsHomemade-Simple_web-Firef#DD608-(2)

During Diwali homes are festooned with candles to help guide Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, in.

You will need:

Fabric Scissors
Old glass jars
White fabric (optional)
Double-sided tape
Battery-operated tea lights – one for each lantern


1. Cut a square of muslin big enough to cover the lid and overhang the jar. Between 10cm and 15cm square should be good, depending on the size of the jar. Place the muslin over the top of the lid. If you can see the original colour of the lid through the muslin, and it bothers you, cover the lid in double-sided tape and stick a piece of white fabric over it first. Anchor the muslin over the lid, by fixing it with a piece of double-sided tape.
2. Switch on a battery-operated tea light and put it inside the glass jar. Screw on the lid so that the cloth hangs down, covering the jar.
3. To make the hanging loop, cut or tear a strip of muslin measuring approx 30cm x 2cm. Loop it around the neck of the jar and secure with a slip knot. Now take the long loose end over the opposite side of the neck of the jar, so that a long loop is formed over the lid. Push the end under the fabric tied around the jar and secure with a looped slip knot. You can easily undo and redo the hanging loop when you want to take off the lid to turn the light on or off. So pretty.
THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS involves five days of celebrations and usually falls during October or November – the date is set by the Hindu calendar. Each of the days celebrates a different legend and the stories vary in different areas, but at the heart of the festivities is the triumph of good over evil – light over dark – hope. Light is essential to the celebrations.
Cybele x
What makes a perfect outdoor setting, for you?

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  1. Oh I just love this idea…. I think lights are so important in an outdoor setting…. You can never have enough

  2. I’m basically just going to come and live with you.

  3. They look fabulous! I might steal that idea for Halloween!

  4. How funny that I should stumble on this post. My daughter celebrated Diwali in her class yesterday and came home with a bindi on her forehead. She had a ball.

    What a lovely book and the pretty lights over the table are just gorgeous.

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