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Homemade soap for kids

Homemade fish in a bag soap

By Cybele
This is part of my homemade Christmas gifts series.
I have been hunting around for some affordable, useful and fun stocking filler presents for kids. The last time I made soap was this lavender soap.
Heckle inspired this idea by asking for a pet fish. I’m too traumatised by my experiences of keeping (or not keeping) pet fish to go there. Fake fish, I can do.

Why I can’t keep pet fish

You see, I’ve made two attempts with pet fish. Both times, I carefully (or so I thought) set up the tank before heading to the pet shop and returning home with my new pet fish in a bag. The first fish survived a couple of months before I found it bloated and floating. The second, it only took a fortnight and the bowl was empty with a little black lump on the floor. I doubt it was emotional issues that drove my poor fish to jump. Although, it might’ve been, it was living with me!

Homemade soap for kids

The fish. Please buy solid toy fish and the smaller the better. Unfortunately, the ones I bought were hollow and designed to float. This meant I had to pour the melted soap base in layers and allow to cool between pouring, to stop the fish floating to the top. Maybe I’m cursed;) Whereas, you should be able to pour the whole lot in one go with solid toy fish. The smaller they are the more you will save on the soap you need to use.
I bought the transparent soap base from a company that no longer seems to be operating. The main thing to consider when buying soap base is to avoid ones with palm oil, because of the ethical concerns with growing and harvesting. The coconut oil soap bases are really nice.
The soap people always say to use the special soap colouring, but I just used blue food colouring and it worked well. You only need a few drops and it’d be a waste buying a whole bottle just for soap (unless you’re planning on making hundreds…)
The plastic bags are some gift bags I found in my wrapping drawer, but they are available at stationery shops. Otherwise, I was thinking next time I could recycle some snap lock bags and just trim the top off.

Ingredients for making fish bag soap:Homemade soap for kids

(To make approximately 6 soaps – quantity will depend on the size of the fish)
1 kilo/2.2 lb transparent soap base
6 plastic bags
6 drops blue food or soap colouring
6 solid small toy fish
A helper
Optional: 20 drops peppermint essential oil

 To make toy soap:

Homemade soap for kids


Melt the soap base in a saucepan over a low heat, stir in food colouring a few drops at a time until you’re happy with the colour. Add essential oil until you’re happy with the fragrance.
Homemade soap for kidsIt’s great if you have two people to do the next bit, as it can be a bit fiddly. Place the plastic bag in a large mug or small jug. Pop the fish in the right way up. Fit the funnel into the top of the plastic bag and slowly pour soap base in. Check the fish is not floating.  Continue pouring if the fish is still in the right spot. Stop if the fish is floating and allow the soap to cool and set around the upright fish before pouring the rest of the soap base in.
Allow to cool and set. Tie with string and look forward to the bath time giggles.
Cybele x

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