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Hope in the darkest hour

by Cybele
The other day, we celebrated our son’s fourth birthday. It always makes me reflect on where he’s come from – a teeny tiny premature bub, three and half months early – to a robust boy with a love of gardening.
Meanwhile, a dear friend is battling through life with a newborn in intensive care. She talks about how the machines beep and scream as this little, little person fights with every ounce of his being to live. The parents stand alongside, wishing they could fight the fight for their precious bundle of love.
The mother asked me the bravest question, ‘How did you banish scary thoughts when your baby’s life was touch and go?’
I wish I could tell you I gave her a succinct and profound answer. The truth is I didn’t banish scary thoughts, so I waffled on awkwardly about how it’s difficult to avoid scary thoughts, sometimes. In the end, I blurted out Trust the love.
It felt so odd saying it, because the three words sum up what I learned during those four intense months of having a baby in ICU. I knew that a neglected baby can fail to thrive (based on the Romanian studies) and by contrast a loved and very sick baby will put in a monumental effort to live if they have been touched by someone who cares. Many additional factors influence if they’ll make it. There are a lot of things even the most determined spirit cannot overcome, but the point is – these little babies express an overwhelming desire to live and fight so hard for it.
This suggests that genuine connections with loved ones are the most important parts of our lives, they carry us through and are pivotal to a beautiful life. To nurture these connections, we may need to rethink and re-prioritise how we live and find creative ways to connect through our intentions and actions.
What do you do to connect?
Cybele x
P.s. I’m happy to say, the brave little baby has recovered and is back at home.

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