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Outdoor cushions

To get ready for summer, we needed some outdoor cushions for our balcony bench seat. We had some once upon a time. It didn’t take long for this family to work through them. If it wasn’t a dog or a child destroying them, it was this absent-minded adult leaving them out in the rain one too many times. So, we needed tough, relatively waterproof outdoor cushions that don’t need mollycoddling.
I have been eyeing off sack cushions in various forms lately.How to make an outdoor cushions | Blah Blah Magazine In a rather pleasant daydream it occurred to me that I had in my possession a couple of plastic sacks, one blue rice sack leftover from when I was feeding an army and buying all staples in bulk and some red and white grain sacks, courtesy of Gordon’s beer brewing and his insistence that everything needs to be done from scratch, hence the sacks say something about pilsner. How to make an outdoor cushions | Blah Blah Magazine

 What you will need:
A plastic grain, rice, sand or gravel sack
Foam block a bit smaller than the sack
A tough plastic bag big enough to fit foam block with room to tie a knot at the end
Cotton yarn or twine
A big needle
The foam I used was leftover from some old cushions, but cut foam from a big haberdashery or hardware store would be fine too. Using a sharp knife, I sliced the foam to fit inside the sack. The cushions need to be pretty waterproof to survive in this family, so I put the foam in the big plastic bag our vacuum cleaner came in, but a tough garbage bag would be fine. I squished out all the air and tied a double knot in the end. I stuffed all of this into the sack and stitched the end.How to make an outdoor cushions | Blah Blah MagazineAnd what a glamorous stitching job it was too ; )
Done. Cushion made.How to make an outdoor cushions | Blah Blah Magazine
I went and made a smoothie to celebrate my cushioned bench and came back to find a Goldilocks had taken over…How to make an outdoor cushion

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