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Need to hit the refresh button?

Sometimes, it’s not possible to go on a grand adventure. The problem is my brain gets a bit noisy if I haven’t been on an adventure for a while. The silly thing is I forget about the power of a mini adventure: the day trip, the walk, the picnic, the generally-just-getting-out-into-nature thing. How to refresh the brain | Blah Blah MagazineDo have any walks near you?

Thankfully, my mate Caro, from Lotsafreshair and my gorgeous sorta-sister-in-law Rah from Smarter Admins whisked me out for a mini adventure. The walk from Seaforth Oval to Bluff Lookout is a 20 minute drive from Sydney CBD and yet, you wouldn’t know it. It feels like the middle of nowhere a lot of the time. It was exactly what my brain needed – to see nothing but trees for a couple of hours.Rock-bridge

You head down the hill from Seaforth Oval to Bantry Bay where there is a lovely picnic spot that I’m going to take the kids to next time, because there’s lots of cool stuff to explore. We carried on along the path and up to the lookout and called it quits there, but you can carry on all the way to Roseville Bridge.

Caro is a television producer and runs the Bloggers Video School. and along the way she taught us how to make a video. This is Caro and her camera, showing us to shoot lots and lots of footage.CaroYou can watch the video we made below and count how many times I say, ‘adventure’. Anyone would think I’m obsessed. Think I might call it, Bele Masterman says adventure lots and asks if you need a quick refresh of the mind.










 What do you do to clear the mind?

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  1. Oh, I love the movie! You totes deserve an Oscar for that. What a beautiful spot – I will have to check it out – it’s hard to believe, it’s only 25 minutes from the CBD! If I need to refresh I like to go for a run which recharges my body and my mind.

  2. Oh you are so clever and so RIGHT!! Why do we alway forget what’s right on our doorstep. I’ve got a few gorgeous walks near me, now I just need to get organised!! Thanks for the motivation lovely – and great video – very professional x

  3. How lovely. I really need to do something like this.

  4. To refresh, I love going to a beach (I live in Brisbane, so it is has to be a day trip on the weekends with my family)

  5. Oh the day trip with a picnic basket is the next thing to a big trip. A little escape from reality for a few hours.

  6. Me thinks you may have missed your calling my friend. Getaway need you!!! xx

  7. That walk looks beautiful Bele! It’s amazing what a quick change of scenery can do. For me, it’s getting to the beach – anywhere where I can see the ocean and smell the fresh salty air does wonders for me!

  8. That’s a great short video! Good job. It’s so true…mini-adventures can be just a short distance from home. Our family has just started geocaching (which is just a teeny bit addictive) and we’ve been having all sorts of little adventures trying to find our next geocache.

  9. Oh love this Bele, it’s so important to hit the refresh button. We’ve been heading to our secret fishing spot lately, it’s a magic place and even the dog can come too. I’m spoilt for choice here at the moment, my newest thing will be riding my fancy pants bike along some of the tracks near where we live. Have a fab mothers day. x

  10. Nice work, Bele. Making videos is much harder than it looks and you made it look very easy. 🙂 Mrs Romance and I recently booked ourselves an RDO and pushed that refresh button hard. Spent the day at the beach then went to the cinema in the early arvo. Finished off with a spot of shopping and a bar hop. Felt much better the next day! x

  11. Great vid girls! Love that walk and that whole area in general. It was absolutely pouring when us “thrillseekers” did it- quite funny!

    I’m all about a walk to clear the mind or I find going for a sail does the trick too

  12. SO true about the reset/refresh, and I always get it when I travel, but definitely need to do it more regularly in ways like this!

  13. A beautiful way to recharge. I honestly think that getting into nature is the ONLY way to truly recharge. I loved your sweet little video too. x

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