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Iron spray

Homemade ironing aid

by Rachel and Cybele
I love it when people share their tips for making life a little easier and this is one of those suggestions. The lovely Rachel designed this recipe to tackle the heavy duty fabric she has to de-crush and conquer weekly and the ironing spray is the best ally she has found.
I confess it hadn’t occurred to me to make an ironing aid, because I don’t iron.  I know there are people who revel in the rhythm of ironing and I admire them, sadly we don’t have any of those is in this house. Instead, we have developed elaborate ways to avoid ironing and are willing accept the necessary sacrifices…

 How to avoid ironing

Apologies up front, I don’t have any sound advice for those who have work clothes that need to be super crisp.
1. The first tip is also the most challenging:buy clothes that don’t need ironing.
2. Hang clothes on coat hangers straight out of the washing machine. The hangers need to be plastic as the resin and varnish in wood can stain, and metal bits rust. Make sure you give the clothes a good flick and smooth over. Hang in the sunniest spot as the heat will help to smooth the fabric.
3. For items that have been crushed when dry, hang in the bathroom while having a shower, as the steam will soften the creases.
4. Pay someone, anyone.
5. Develop domestic blindness to crumpled fabric.
6. Seriously, consider becoming a nudist, naturalist or whatever you call it.
7. If all of the above doesn’t work, use an ironing aid, as it’ll make the task a lot less painful. Make a cocktail, put on some cheesy tunes and pretend the steam is the heat off the sand on a tropical island getaway.

 Ironing aid recipeiron spray

 2 tablespoons fabric softener
3 tablespoons cleaning or white vinegar
200ml boiled water
Pour and mix in a spray bottle and take solace that you don’t need to use the old iron in the above picture.
What are your least loved tasks? How do you avoid them or make them a little less painful?

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  1. Call me crazy but I actually enjoy Ironing.

    I even have an ironing “balcony” in my home. From the second story landing I can see the children playing in the Great Room whilst ironing in front of the laundry room door.

    I still cant wait to try this pray for my rumpled clothing.

    Lisa D.
    Detroit, MI

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