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Kids’ Christmas

Christmas for little people

by Cybele

Little H is two and a half, so this will be the first Christmas he will really understand. He loved the last two, because all his favourite people were around and he got given lots of great cardboard boxes (the things inside didn’t seem to interest him quite as much.)

The advent calendarDIY Kids Christmas decorations | Blah Blah Magazine

To kick off the anticipation we started with the mighty advent calendar. The truth is that I used to take photos of his baby socks on the washing line (look what motherhood does!) and I have now found another excuse to hang them up again. Don’t mind me, I’ll just head off into the corner and cluck, cluck.

Christmas wrapping paperDIY Kids Christmas decorations | Blah Blah Magazine

This wrapping paper will keep the grandparents happy. Little H stamped away on some butchers’ paper that our groceries are delivered in.DIY Kids Christmas decorations | Blah Blah Magazine
When I was a kid, my Dad used to ask, ‘Do you want to see a star that no one has ever seen before?’ I would groan. ‘Dad, you’ve shown me a million times, just cut the apple.’ Now I am really grateful for the way he saw the world, stars and all. So, I cut an apple and showed Little H a star no one has ever seen before to make our big round stamps.DIY Kids Christmas decorations | Blah Blah Magazine
For the little stamps we used champagne corks. I swear I only drank the sparkling wine for the benefit of my son’s craft projects.
The kids’ tableKids' Christmas table
The inspiration for the Christmas table struck when I saw Nikki Gemmell’s dining table in Inside Out and fell in love. Secretly, I think I might hang out with the kiddies this Christmas. Although, I am torn, because I love my Christmas table for Nana.
I will just have to sit at both and take my toadstool with me. I noticed that someone is already lining up the perfect position for under the table scraps.Black dog under the Christmas table
What are your favourite bits of Christmas?

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