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A kids’ gardening party (in wet weather)

[Not really] the best way to host a kids’ birthday party in wet weather

by Cybele
I asked Mr Soon-to-be four what sort of cake he would like for his birthday and he said, ‘A gardening cake.’
I suggested a train cake might be nice and ahem, easier.
‘No, a gardening cake, please.’
‘What’s a Gardening Cake?
‘A cake with a garden.’
The fountain-of-all-such-knowledge, Pinterest, took me to some lovely places: a fabulous farm party post (and a blog I wish I’d known about earlier),  The Design Files and a certain Drive-in party from last year. I had a lovely time pinning all these garden activities, imagining how I would frolick in the grass, smiling children in tow. The Pied Piperette. It wouldn’t rain. It never rains in Sydney…
So I got a little carried away, it’s never happened before… and I didn’t get around to making the little party gift bags for the kidlets to take home. Yup, I’m that parent, depriving children of their party loot. On the plus side, we now have lots of cute little lady beetle chocolates that someone needs to eat.
We managed to do a couple of the activities. Kids garden party indoorsSeed planting went well, because my lovely mother-in-law (an ex-school teacher and avid gardener) took care of it. The idea came from this tutorial. Thank goodness for old school can openers that don’t leave a nasty edge on the tin, otherwise there would’ve been carnage.Kids garden party indoorsLuckily, a magician (a.k.a. a lovely cousin) came and performed magic tricks. With some assistance from a wonderful Mimi clown (Grandma).Kids garden party indoors The Flower Pot Dig In was hilarious. Here, the children are forming an orderly queue under my strict command, because I think it’s really, really important to follow all the rules, very carefully.Kids garden party indoorsAnd delicately remove the prizes, one at a time.Kids garden party indoorsNot, I repeat, not make snow fairies with the biodegradable packing foam on our living room floor… Did you know it’s made out of rice starch? And yes, it gets quite, ahem, sticky when combined with water, such that you might find on a rainy day. Some very kind helpers swept it up for me before it all went horribly wrong.Kids garden party indoorsQuick, let’s have a baby shot before he gets in on the act too.Kids garden party indoorsAll this demolition must have been quite demanding work because all the food disappeared, even the healthy stuff. Although, it’s a marvel how fast fairy bread can evaporate. It went so fast, it didn’t even make it into any of the pictures. Nor did the yum cha dumplings, Mr Soon-to-be four’s favourite food.Kids garden party indoorsKids garden party indoorsGordon was Dumpling Master with help from my brothers and various other menfolk,Kids garden party indoorsYou’ll have to imagine what the dumplings looked like, but here’s a pic of his delicious meat pies. He wasn’t happy with them, but that’s because he’s a perfectionist.Kids garden party indoorsThen there was the gardening cake.Kids garden party indoorsThe first time I’ve ever had to rescue a lady beetle from a cake I’ve made.Kids garden party indoorsHere’s proof that I survived (and my gorgeous mum, too).Kids garden party indoorsDon’t tell anyone, but I think I had more fun, because it didn’t really go to plan. I do love a bit of chaos. Does that make me a closet anarchist? Or maybe, I’m just the little girl who never grew up.
Cybele x
So, now I need your advice for next time. How do you make sure you know who gave what present? Right now, we’re playing a special version of Guess Who – guess who gave this present!

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  1. I’ve NEVER known you as anything except an anarchist. No closet involved! x

  2. A gardening party, fantastic! I’ve been to a farm party, where we took home a seedling, but that’s the closest I can think I’ve come to a gardening party! I love the cake design, bet all the kids did too. Regarding presents, I try to take photos at the opening to match things up later. I have also taken to writing what the present is discreetly on the card when we give presents, hoping such info sharing will catch on!!

    • Genius ideas. Thank you! Would you mind if I shared and credited your ideas in a blog post? I am wondering if there are other folk like me who’d like to hear these pearls of wisdom x

      • Course you can, but no need to credit – I’m sure it’s not my idea! I’d love to read everyone else’s tips for surviving birthday party craziness (esp. present matching).

  3. Lovely photos of a lovely event! My little boy makes a few cameo appearances but his sister is MIA. By the way, I think that was Jack and Bob who swept up the packing material. I didn’t realise it was getting sticky!

    For presents, I had this problem last year. We opened them later under supervision so I could write down who gave what, but some of the cards were loose or the presents were unlabelled. I remember this from my wedding too and still bless the thoughtful guests who put their cards on the INSIDE of the wrapping paper.

  4. I thought it might’ve been Jack and Bob. Please pass on my thanks. Pics of your gorgeous girl were all too dark 🙁
    Do you mind if I share and credit these ideas in a post on wrapping gifts for kids?

  5. You MADE THAT CAKE? Brilliant! Sux about the weather, but a wet weather party is still an awesome party.

    Your mum is as cute as you are. What a pair!

    And apart from sitting there with your big list and a hundred ‘slow down, read the card, who is that froms’ (boring), I have no solution to the ‘who gave what’. Hence, I always a include a generic ‘thank you for coming and for spoiling me with a lovely gift my mum says I don’t deserve’ card with their ‘loot bag’. Sorted. x

  6. I got phoned up the other day with a question about a gift that I had given and what it was, as the birthday recipient had opened them all before mummy had a chance to note who gave what. Seems like an occupational hazard at preschoolers parties.

    It looks like a wonderful party with great activities and yes the best parties are always the ones with a bit of chaos.

  7. So, I guess it gets easier as they get older x

  8. The garden cake was fabulous Cybele. Present’s…photos for matching later are definitely working for me. My Mr 4 has been encouraged to thank each and every gift giver and very generously gives gorgeous hugs as a thank you. So taking a snap of the gift unwrapped and then him hugging the gifter is a multi task…sweet memories captured, collating presents and hopefully a good photo to be crafted into a thank you card!

  9. What a great idea – to have a garden party that’s a really garden party as such. And not just a party that’s in a garden 😉 Love the grape sticks in the pot plant pots!

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