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Kids’ Party Food

Kids’ drive-in party, part 1

by Cybele
I chose a party theme and it’s true what they say, it makes all the decisions easier, but no one told me that it might lead to me getting a bit carried away…
Drive-in was a pretty natural choice, because like most kids, Heckle loves cars and I thought a drive-in party would be great if the weather was foul and the little uns could watch a movie. Luckily, it turned out okay and the kids had a good run around. Ah the joyous mayhem. And this was their fuel:

The Food

Popcorn – with butter and salt
Top Dogs – my version of hot dogs made with thin sausages and Matt Preston’s homemade tomato sauce/ketchup on long rolls
Watermelon cake – this is the easiest cake in the world and gives a lot of bang for its buck. I cut the watermelon in half, took the skin off, shaped with a knife, decorated with fruit (I really wanted star fruit, but they didn’t seem to be in season) and stuck a candle in.
White chocolate lamington cake with licorice straps roads and mini cars – I sort of followed this recipe, except kept the cake whole and dyed the coconut green with some food dye before patting it on. The plan was to dot some white chocolate down the centre of the road for lane markings, but it was that or have a shower and for once, hygiene won.
Caramel popcorn take home bags – I need an excuse to make this caramel popcorn again. It’s delicious and this recipe is pretty straight forward and quick, although I am not sure about the quantities as mine seemed to make a lot less than the 14 cups they say. To fill 10 of these popcorn bags I made 4 times the recipe.
Cybele x
What do you do to make kids’ parties easier?


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