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Kitchen planning

Love the Home You Have – day eight – kitchen

by Cybele

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This week is about the power source of our homes. The kitchen. The ultimate multi-tasker, needs to be healthy, happy, robust, streamlined and beautiful. No small ask for a room. They can be big money pits, but a surprising amount can be achieved without much expense.
My family has a grand tradition of temporary kitchens that last forever. My father’s was the eighteen year old temporary kitchen and my temporary kitchen to replace his is now in its eighteenth year. The reason they’ve lasted is that they’ve worked, had a kind of beauty of their own and because I would want a permanent kitchen to last forty years, no mean feat to plan.

The To Do List – Kitchen and dining area

It’s time to take a look at our kitchen and eating area with new eyes.
1. Write down what you love! It’s so easy to look at the faults in our homes, but it’s even more important to acknowledge what’s great.  Jot down anything you would like to improve and think about why. Is it based on something we really feel is important or is it because of something someone else said or did? How much do we respect that person or value their opinion?
2. Take lots of photos. It gives us a different perspective on what our homes look like and the photos are a record of any improvements, as it’s so easy to forget – before and after photos are really motivating.
3. If you think you’ll have time to do a little decorating project this week, choose one thing that’s easy to achieve in a few hours, will make a big impact and most importantly make you smile every time you see it. Write a list of supplies for the project.


I love our copper pots and their patina, but I think the time has come to give them a bit of a polish. I have a homemade copper polish that I find easier to use than the commercial stuff. Recipe on the way!


Bell x

What are you hoping to tackle?

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  1. OOh home made cooper polish, that sounds very healthy.

    I agree with appreciating the home we have and that small inexpensive projects can really lift any room or spot in a home. Have a great weekend.

  2. It’s so true. It’s easy to get caught up with the need for big changes when the little things can make us happy. Happy weekend to you too x

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