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Kitchen storage

Day 12 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have

by Cybele
Everything in the kitchen must earn its location. I put a position guide in this post, but it is basically a matter of putting things where you use them. Things you use regularly need to be easy to reach and things you only use occasionally can sit further away.

Plastic container storage

I am slowly phasing plastic out of my life and use glass jars where possible. However, I don’t like the idea of throwing things out unnecessarily and there are some things that glass jars don’t work for, mainly freezing.
To store the containers I stack identical containers together and everything else I stack with their lids on (except the huge containers.) Try it, you might be surprised how much you can fit in the same space and just think how much time you will save hunting for those elusive lids.
Containers with missing lids make great painting pots.
While we’re on the subject of plastic containers, it is a good idea to avoid heating things in plastic containers as that is when the nasty stuff is probably released.  When reheating things in the microwave, I put it in a ceramic bowl and then put a plate on top to stop the spluttering. This is just a good idea, rather than something to get too worried about, as I am sure we are exposed to worse things in our lives, but nonetheless I am trying to break a few of my old habits.


A few years ago I stared at my three drawers dumbfounded. Somehow amongst the overflowing and randomly placed utensils, I saw the light and it occurred to me that I could divide it fairly equally into three categories: knife-related (scissors, graters, peelers, and the like), spoon-related (tongs, spatulas, scoops and so on) and miscellaneous. This has worked quite well for me, but another approach I have seen work well is dividing items in to cooking styles: stove top cooking, oven baking and miscellaneous.
I made some dividers by cutting plywood to the exact length of the drawers and wedging them in, but most storage shops and the Swedish flat pack fun factory (AKA IKEA) have drawer dividers that expand to fit most drawer sizes.

Chopping boards, baking trays and the like

It saves a lot of time if you can store these things on their sides, either by wedging them in a narrow cupboard cavity or using The Organised Housewife’s great idea of using baskets.
Tomorrow we can think about simple and fun ways to pretty up the kitchen, in the meantime here’s the schedule.
Cybele x



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