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Aboriginal rock carvings and wedding vows

The Ku Ring Gai rock carvings and wedding vows

A rock engraving at Ku Ring Gai has crept under my skin and keeps whispering to me, ‘This is important.’ It surprises me when this whispering happens and it always makes me wonder why some places speak to me and others don’t.
Some travel destinations give me the ‘holy shits’, as in, that is all I can say over and over again. Meanwhile, some like the Ku Ring Gai carvings quietly touch something and become a part of the fabric of who I am

Kuring Gai Aboriginal rock carvings | Blah Blah Magazine


The rock carvings

To get to the rock carvings we did the walk up the monster hill out of the Basin campground, but it turns out there is a much easier walking track to the Basin Aboriginal Art Site from the road.
The carvings lie exposed on a flat rock, in the middle of weather-beaten scrub land north of Sydney. Nearby, the cliffs look out over Mackerel Beach, Pittwater and out to sea.Mackrel Beach | Blah Blah MagazineIt’s a place where shrubs have given up bending in the breeze and just grow sideways and ancient mudflats have turned to stone.Kuring Gai Aboriginal rock carvings | Blah Blah Magazine

A long, long time ago members of the Garigal tribe chipped lots of  images into the rock. One is of a man and a turtle.engravings-600

Weddings and standing the test of time

The image that keeps rattling around in my brain depicts a man and a woman in what is thought to be a wedding ceremony. It made me want to renew my vows right there and then. Ridiculous, considering I have been married all of nine months.Kuring Gai Aboriginal rock carvings | Blah Blah MagazineI think the carving reminded me that I can’t afford to take my marriage for granted. Relationships are a part of the web of life and need to be treasured. The daily grind will always be there, but will our precious relationships stand the test of time? I am glad the carving keeps whispering to me and I hope it always will.

How do you find ways to express the value of a relationship?

Bele x

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