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Lamb Ravioli with Slow Cooked Ragu and Balsamic Reduction

By Gordon
Another use for that lovely slow cooked lamb from a couple of weeks back.
Start with your pasta for the ravioli:
  • 330 g/11.6 oz 00 pasta grade flour (it’s the really really fine one)
  • 5 eggs
  • 400g/14.1 oz of your slow cooked lamb and black olives
Create a little mound of flour and hollow out a ‘bowl’ for whipping your eggs. Crack three whole eggs and one yolk into the bowl of flour and then whip with a fork. Progressively mix in the flour and then start to knead for a good 10 minutes. Make a nice ball of dough and then place in a bowl and cover with cling film. Rest in the fridge for 45mins – 1 hour.
Take some of your slow cooked lamb and olives and shred with your hands in a bowl. You’ll need to shed this down so you can spoon it onto the Ravioli sheets i.e. nice and fine.
Now get your Balsamic Reduction on the go:
  • 3 cloves of garlic crushed
  • 1 cup red wine
  • half a cup of balsamic vinegar
  • 1 cup of beef stock
  • Small handful of parsley leaves
Take a small knob of butter and melt. Drop in the garlic for a minute until starting to brown. Add the red wine, stock and balsamic and bring to the boil. Reduce your heat and simmer for 30 minute or so until you’ve got about 1/5th of the liquid. set aside to reheat just before serving.
Take out the dough and divide into 4 balls. Roll out with a rolling pin and then feed into your pasta maker to make sheets about 2mm thick. Take your first sheet and then spoon a solid teaspoon of mixture about 2cm from the edge of your sheet. Place another teaspoon opposite it about 4cm away. Repeat working down the length of the sheet.


Take your last egg and whisk in a bowl for your egg batter.
Brush between the piles of lamb with your beaten egg mix, then place a sheet of pasta on top. Push down around the edges making neat little mounds. Take your pasta cutter (the little crimped wheel) and then cut little squares. Place on a sheet and allow to rest for half an hour.


Get your boiling water ready with a pinch of salt and dash of olive oil and drop your ravioli pieces in for 5 minutes.
Place your ravioli on a plate, drizzle with the balsamic reduction. Grate a little parmesan if you like and sprinkle with diced parsley leaves.


Serve and wait for the golden silence of happy eating…

About Gordon Eckel

Gordon Eckel, a foodie and (rock) wall climber extraordinaire. He worked in some of Sydney’s top restaurants, but decided that he liked cooking for his friends more, so ran away and joined the circus (aka managing Sydney nightclubs). Six years ago and after a few too many creamy pastas he weighed 105 kg with a ridiculously high cholesterol. He changed his eating ways, wore out a treadmill and dropped 25 kilos in three months. Now he is renown for cooking deceptively healthy food and for proselytizing about the marvels of the great Australian red.

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  1. Oh Gordon that looks superb. I wish my husband could do this kind of thing. yum.

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