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Learnings for the week

by Naomi
My learnings this week:
  • Despite generations of inbreeding, the Royals are still fertile. 
  • Despite not caring too much for the Royals, the birth of a healthy child should always be appreciated.
  • The pope sure knows how to pack a Brazillian… beach.
  • If make up is applied liberally enough, I can look like a Khardashian (more Rob than Kim).
  • If make up is applied liberally enough, it can take 48 hours of washing and scrubbing before it is completely gone.
  • Eating crispy chicken at 10am when doing a foodie tour of Cabramatta feels perfectly normal (you should try it for yourself).
What did you learn this week?
PS. I’m off on holiday for a few weeks now after which I should feel revitalised and ready to blah blah once more. Enjoy the break!

About Naomi Moan

Naomi Moan lives life as a palindrome. She likes nothing better than to take things and turn them on their heads. She loves food, motorcycles, her cat, art, comedy, women, music, food, laughing, people, travelling, new ideas, debating and food. Her door-knocking religious upbringing has prepared her for a lifetime of rejection. So if you don't happen to like or agree with the article, she smiles politely and moves on to the next one...

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