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How to make lemongrass oil

by Cybele

Lemongrass is one of my all time favourite fragrances. It has a kind of perky citrus scent that always seems to put a zing in my step. I use lemongrass, and it’s friends lavender and lemon, in soaps, diffusers and in my homemade cleaning products for Love the Home You Have.

Things you’ll need to make lemongrass

4 lemongrass stalks
Mortar and pestle or something heavy to bash the lemongrass with
Muslin or cheesecloth
1 cup oil.
This is my carrier oil rant, apologies if you’ve heard it before. It’s just that there are lots of options. However, I prefer using grape seed oil or rice bran oil, as both are great for the skin, have a good shelf life, little fragrance of their own and easy because they’re available at my supermarket. I would love to use Sweet Almond oil, but I find it too expensive for this kind of thing, especially if I’m using the oils for cleaning products. Olive oil is another good option, as it is good for the skin, however its shelf life isn’t as good and it can have a strong fragrance of its own, so you will need more lemongrass.

Instructions for making lemongrass

Trim off the lemongrass leaves, as you will only need the white stalk of the plant. Clean and roughly chop two stalks of lemongrass into 1-inch pieces. Bash the lemongrass in a mortar and pestle or hit it with a heavy pan several times. This will release the grass’s essential oils.

Pour the oil into the jar and add the lemongrass. Screw the lid on and shake. Pop the jar in a warm spot for 48 hours, like a windowsill.

Strain the contents of the jar through a piece of cheesecloth, into a second jar. Squeeze the cheesecloth to release as much of the infused oil into the new jar. Put the next batch of lemongrass sticks in and return to the warm spot. Repeat this until you’re happy with the fragrance. Strain, pour into dark glass, label with a 12 month used by date and store in a cool, dark place.

*Caution: The jury seems to be out on whether it is a good idea to play around with lemongrass essential oil while pregnant, so check with your doctor first.

While we have our sensible shoes on, I always check my skin is happy with any new product or ingredient it by dabbing a little on the inside of my arm before using.

What is your favourite fragrance?

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  1. Good Day!! I just want to something, because we are planning to use lemongrass in our research. Are the procedure stated above preserves the antibacterial/antimicrobial/antifungal properties of the lemongrass or is it just done to have aroma of the plant?? Thank you in advance. GOD BLESS!

    • Hello, because the oil is infused at a low temperature a lot of the properties of lemongrass should be preserved. However, this is infusion method is not as pure as using lemongrass essential oil, but unfortunately that is hard to do at home. Good luck with your research and I hope this helps.

      • Hey you seem to know a lot. How fresh does the lemon grass need to be? I’m in pa and want my friend to send me some from Florida. Will it die and not work?

  2. Hello, is this lemongrass oil can be use as aromatherapy, say, home fragrance for example? I wonder if the scent could pour out with the use of oil burner? Thanks

    • Yes it can be used for home fragrance, however I tend to make it as potent as possible (by adding more lemongrass 8-10 stalks) and not use this more potent infusion on any skin or similar products. I hope this helps x

  3. What are the uses of this oil? Can i add it to my organic butter butter, because i make some Shea butter mix for my skin; i would also like to know if it darkens the skin when added to cream

  4. Is canola oil good substitute in olive oil? To use as carrier oil.???

  5. What are the other substitute oil for carrier oil?
    Is canola oil good???

  6. Hello there, I have very hot sun here. After 2 days of heating near the window, the lemongrass seem like overcooked. The lemongrass smell seem like faded. I will try to add more stalks. Should I avoid too many heat?

  7. You can apply this on the skin right? im using it as a repellent. do u think it will work?

  8. Hello. I would lije to make lemongrass soap from the plant. I have a huge one in my yard. All I can find are instructions for soap made with essential oils… any advice?
    Am making this for sure as perfume, trying with jojoba oil. What do you think?

    • Jojoba is a very expensive oil. I would try something like sunflower or grape seed. To replace essential oils is difficult, but not impossible. It just means making this fragrance as potent as possible by using as muc lemongrass as will fit and replacing it with fresh lemongrass. Good luck. I’d love to hear how you go.

  9. I want to make lemon grass oil

  10. how can i used this lemon grass oil on my plant as it is a fungal treatment or do i have to mix it with other things. Someone pls help answer me

  11. Can coconut oil be used?

  12. I would like to make lemongrass oil to add to candle making so presumably it isnt mixed with a carrier oil. Can you advise a method to do this?

  13. I would like to make lemongrass oil to add to candle making so presumably it isnt mixed with a carrier oil. Can you advise a method to do this?

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