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  1. Jomar Adams

    Good Day!! I just want to something, because we are planning to use lemongrass in our research. Are the procedure stated above preserves the antibacterial/antimicrobial/antifungal properties of the lemongrass or is it just done to have aroma of the plant?? Thank you in advance. GOD BLESS!

    • Blah Blah Magazine

      Hello, because the oil is infused at a low temperature a lot of the properties of lemongrass should be preserved. However, this is infusion method is not as pure as using lemongrass essential oil, but unfortunately that is hard to do at home. Good luck with your research and I hope this helps.

  2. Destri

    Hello, is this lemongrass oil can be use as aromatherapy, say, home fragrance for example? I wonder if the scent could pour out with the use of oil burner? Thanks

    • Blah Blah Magazine

      Yes it can be used for home fragrance, however I tend to make it as potent as possible (by adding more lemongrass 8-10 stalks) and not use this more potent infusion on any skin or similar products. I hope this helps x

  3. Grace

    What are the uses of this oil? Can i add it to my organic butter butter, because i make some Shea butter mix for my skin; i would also like to know if it darkens the skin when added to cream

  4. Claudette

    Is canola oil good substitute in olive oil? To use as carrier oil.???

  5. Claudette

    What are the other substitute oil for carrier oil?
    Is canola oil good???

    • Blah Blah Magazine

      Grape seed oil is a great substitute oil x

  6. Karen Lee

    Hello there, I have very hot sun here. After 2 days of heating near the window, the lemongrass seem like overcooked. The lemongrass smell seem like faded. I will try to add more stalks. Should I avoid too many heat?

  7. Kaye

    You can apply this on the skin right? im using it as a repellent. do u think it will work?

  8. Mardie Jane

    Hello. I would lije to make lemongrass soap from the plant. I have a huge one in my yard. All I can find are instructions for soap made with essential oils… any advice?
    Am making this for sure as perfume, trying with jojoba oil. What do you think?

    • BlahBlahMagazine

      Jojoba is a very expensive oil. I would try something like sunflower or grape seed. To replace essential oils is difficult, but not impossible. It just means making this fragrance as potent as possible by using as muc lemongrass as will fit and replacing it with fresh lemongrass. Good luck. I’d love to hear how you go.

  9. N.C.Nagpal

    I want to make lemon grass oil

  10. nwankwo oscar

    how can i used this lemon grass oil on my plant as it is a fungal treatment or do i have to mix it with other things. Someone pls help answer me

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