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Would you let a preschooler choose paint colour?

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Does anyone else have a, ahem, determined child? I can’t think where he gets it from. I’m never stubborn and I would never, ever have a clash of wills with a four year old. That would be silly. Our four year old wants to paint his room blue and has been reminding me of this for a very looooooooong time. If he could read, he might mention Rachel, the interior designer’s, advice about avoiding an attack of the blands.

Here’s Mr 4YO pointing out the matter at hand. That, by the way, is the finger of determination.How to choose paint color | Blah Blah Magazine
You have to understand I was traumatised as a teenager, living with lolly pink ice-cream patterned walls, matching curtains, lampshades and bedcover. Scarred.

I paint things white and Hubby Gordon reckons if he stood still long enough he’d be painted white, too. It’s not the most exciting option, but it’s easy and I don’t have to think too much and Gordon would look great all white.

The trouble is, a beautifully coloured room looks lovely. I should know, I’ve pinned a gazillion of them on Pinterest, which makes me an expert on the matter…

To ease the tension, I decided to let Mr 4YO play with Taubmans’, new whizz bang Paint Your Own Room tool. You know, to get it this colour idea out of his system.

He put the dots on the different surfaces to be painted and crosses for the areas not to be painted (we may or may not have had a go at painting him first… Yes, it did work.)How to choose paint color | Blah Blah MagazineHe selected the colour range. Surprise, surprise…  Blue.How to choose paint color | Blah Blah MagazineI confess, I steered him towards the muted blues and had a little help from Shaynna Blaze’s colour commandments to get the different colours to play nice, because if we’re going to do this, then I don’t want to do it again for a long time and need something that’ll work for a grown up boy too. No lolly pink ice-cream issues here, if you know what I mean.
Mr 4YO dragged the colour choices onto the various surfaces and was super chuffed. Me? I like to call this colour scheme – Therapy.How to choose paint color | Blah Blah MagazinePlease don’t tell Mr 4YO I like it too.

Have you ever let your child choose paint colour? Or were you scarred by a childhood colour scheme?

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  1. Hilarious, I was traumatised by a whole room and ceiling of baby poo brown when I was a kid. I can’t even look at beige now.

  2. I’m scarred by never having any colour in my room at all when I was a kid. And by the fact that I have zero eye for this stuff. So I would paint my kids’ rooms all the colours of the rainbow if I could. Good thing we’re renting.

    • I remember seeing a house where each weatherboard panel had been painstakingly painted separate rainbow colour and all in order of the colour spectrum. I can see that in your future , lovely lady 😉

  3. We had very daggy but intricate wallpaper at in our country home and once when I got to 10 was I allowed to get in painted PINK!!! It was lovely and very girlie! And not sure I’d let my preschooler pick, right now yellow is his favourite colour and this Gold Coast house doesn’t need any warming up! x

    • For some reason talking about pink and yellow makes me want to sing sunshine and lollipops, so consider yourself lucky that we’re only having a virtual conversation. Yellow is a tricky one x

  4. I don’t think so… incase he chose something that I didn’t like. Bad mum I know, however he does love black, so I was more than happy to add that to his bedroom. I had a beautiful black and red wallpaper in my room when I was growing up, that wallpaper would probably be “in” right now, but I remember at the time thinking it was too much on every wall.

  5. I did let one of my boys choose a colour for a wall in his room and we now have one very bright red wall lol. Your little one clearly has good taste though 😉 xx

  6. I was very lucky growing up, my dad’s a painter so room colours & choices we always had. Change was a regular occurrence & my parents were never afraid of colour. We once has a bright red toilet (all walls!) and an orange dining room.

    I love white too, my kitchen is all white and all the rooms are too but I have feature walls & accents. I love colour to much not to have it splayed throughout & having dad at hand he’s always up for a paint change. I digress though, I did ‘let’ my daughter choose her paint for her room the other week. Purple, it’s done in ‘my’ way though which was 1 wall being done & in horizontal stripes.
    So yes… But with controls I guess lol.

  7. “Therapy” !!! LOL!
    Growing up in the 80’s there was a lot of orange, brown and green in our house. Bleugh.
    We have white walls but I wouldn’t mind trying something new. Would I trust my pre-schoolers with the paint colour? Hells NOOOO!

  8. Having grown up with a mother obsessed with all things renovating and redecorating, I find living in a house without colour to be traumatising! i couldn’t wait to start repainting our house when we first bought it. I however did not inherit the actual ‘doing’ genes from Mum and so it took a lot longer to finally inject some colour in to the house.

    Mum always let us choose the colour schemes and accents for our rooms, I think she saw it as a way of letting us express ourselves and it was always so much fun. I had some pretty cool colour combos growing up, but my favourite was the sunlight yellow, with a midnight blue accent wall, which I then covered the top half in glow in the dark stars. I also had a matching sun, moon & stars wall frieze on the yellow walls, and matching bed spread. It was awesome! I loved that room so much!

  9. This is soo cool! And good on you for letting Mr 4 have a go. I don’t know what my Esther would choose for coloured walls – maybe green? Thankfully she loves her room the way it is.
    We’ve just painted a grey feature wall in Magdalene’s room and I will add coloured polka dot decals on it to make it pop with some colour. Mr 4 did good with the colours chosen I reckon. 🙂

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