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Linen cabinet, cupboard, closet or whatever you call it…

Day 27 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have

by Cybele

Linen Cupboards

Well, actually, I don’t have a cupboard I have drawers and a stack of suitcases. My suitcase collection started with my paternal grandfather’s (the 3rd and 4th from the top.) He wasn’t a great family man, but he was an amazing traveller, so I like to remember him through this well loved baggage. The second from the top was my maternal great grandmother’s. It’s practically pristine, which fits all the stories I have heard about her and her love of looking after things. The others I picked up along the way at markets and garage sales.
I keep all the blankets, quilts and the like in the suitcases and tend to store bed sheets in the room they’re used in, as I find that more convenient, easier for everyone to make their own beds and handy for little people with middle of the night emergencies. I store tablecloths and napkins in a drawer near the dining table and a most of the towels in the bathroom cupboard. Linen storage


1. Divide into piles: keep, re-home, Repair/Soak and Rags.
2. I aim to have no more than three sets of sheets for each bed. This means while one is in the wash, another is on the bed and the third is in the cupboard.
3. The same goes for towels – a maximum of three per person and one for each potential guest.


Now it’s time to make sense of everything you’ve decided to keep.
1. Categorise into: bedding, towels, tablecloths and napkins etc.
2. Separate further into seasons, everyday and special occasion items.
3. Stack the items back in the cupboard with the everyday and current season in easy access.
4. Store sheet sets together inside one of the pillow cases and bulky items, like blankets and quilts can be stored in old pillowcases to protect them if need be.
* A little note on sheet sets that I learned from a lovely Italian lady: always buy an extra fitted sheet for each set, as it always wears out first.


I use the old packing labels from the stationery store, so that people know where to put and find things.


1. Try to use sheets and towels from the bottom of the pile and put the freshly laundered ones on top, to keep thangs fresh and minimise the risk of the bottom ones being attacked by mould/mold or insects.
2. To keep things smelling nice and dispel moisture, place a dish of baking/bicarbonate soda in the cupboard.
3. To deter insects, a little cloth bag with cloves, lavender and eucalyptus, like the one mentioned in this post will make things smell nice too.
After sorting out my linen cupboard and discovering quite a few of my whites are not so white anymore, I have been trialling some of the different techniques for whitening without bleach. I will let you know how I go.
Cybele x
I would love to hear what your linen tricks are, because anything that makes it more efficient is good news to me.Linen storage

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  1. What a beautiful awy to store your linen! It looks so effective, just needs a little ladies travelling case on top to keep little quick grab items

  2. I learnt that little trick of storing my sheet sets inside the pillow case, it revoluntionised my linen cupboard.
    I love the idea of taking towels from the bottom… not sure I can train my kids to do that too though. In fact it would be awesome to find a way to get my son to hang his towel so it dries, rather than getting a clean one for every shower becasue his is wet… Love those suitcases!!

  3. A new towel every shower, now that’s a lot of towels!

  4. I have just got a big cupboard and hate to admit it but I stack towels in 2 shelves and the rest are a bloody pig sty! Love those old suitcases my parents got some around, might have to fleece them! Emily

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