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Our list of handmade beauty greats for Mothers’ Day

by Bele
Mothers’ Day is nearly upon us. Wow, how did that happen? I still can’t believe I am a mother, I’m one of those grown up people and have been for over four years now. One day I’ll come to terms with this truth. Mothers’ Day helps…
Breakfast in bed and a little pressie. Although, I’m one of those people who asks for specific presents. As if you needed any more proof that I was deprived of a romance gene… This year, I want one of these bottle cutters after one of our lovely readers told me about them when she read of my struggles in this post about my crafty flop, trying to make Gordon a present.
I’m still holding out hope that I can reuse all our wine bottles. Just quietly, I’m pretty chuffed that our landfill rubbish is now down to one bag a week, so now I really want to address what’s been going into the recycling bin, because reusing is better than recycling and all that.
I try to tell people what I want, because I hate the idea of my loved ones wasting money on something that I have no use for. But seriously, if I didn’t have a list I would be so happy to receive something made with love and something pampering never goes astray. It sends a good message if you know what I mean.

Here’s a round up of our all time favourite pampering gifts you can make for under $10

Foot scrub
Peppermint foot scrub
Foot cream
Peppermint foot cream
Hand Cream Recipe
Orange and vanilla hand cream
Coconut and lime body butter
Coconut and lime body butter
Homemade body scrub
Lemon salt detox body scrub
Enjoy and have a wonderful Mothers’ Day!
Bele x

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Cybele Masterman (Bele) trained as a beauty therapist, aromatherapist and journalist. After working as all of the above has found herself on a quest for a beautiful and meaningful life that doesn't cost the earth. Follow on google: +blahblahmagazine twitter: @blahblahzine or Instagram: BlahBlahMagazine

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  1. Lovely list. My sister gave me a salty scrub for Christmas and I love, love, love it. I will check some out as I’ve never made any lotions or potions myself. I’m thinking of asking all the family to have a big walk on Mother’s day with a picnic, no pressie required. Given my teens are 17 and 14, this is a big request!!

    I calculated I’ve had 47 mothering years… kids are 17, 14, 8 and 8… and finally, am getting the hang of it!

    • Cybele @ BlahBlah

      So in 43 years I should get the hang of being a mum, that sounds pretty accurate to me. A walk sounds awesome. What a perfect way to spend mothers’ day x

  2. Great ideas! I am curious as to what I will get this year. I am leaving it all up to the Hubby and kids…arrrhh!

  3. Cybele @ BlahBlah

    Surprises are lovely. I look forward to hearing what you get x

  4. oooo I am keen to have a go at making some of these myself for some special mums xx

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