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The Little Things

Things are a bit strange in the world at the moment, aren’t they?

I confess, my heart and brain have frozen. Yesterday, my cousin, who has been working in Paupa New Guinea to build affordable housing for people who need it, had his hand cut off by someone trying to break into his home. My cousin and his family are lucky to be alive. His wife saved him by screaming and running at the attackers, which was just enough to distract them and save him. He was medi-vac’ed to Brisbane where five surgeons were able to reattach is hand. Now it’s a matter of waiting to see if the hand will take.

All I can think about is all the times we hung out as kids and adults, making things, building things and dreaming of the lives we would lead. It hurts and to say this has left our entire family shaken is an understatement, but it makes me more determined than ever to follow Brené Brown’s advice not to squander joy and appreciate the joy around me and my family. According to Brené‘s research, people who have suffered catastrophic losses wish they had celebrated the little things more.

Or as a friend always told me, ‘Don’t let the turkeys get you down.’ Here are some little things that have been keeping us happy.

1. Off the beaten track

H-and-trainIt’s so easy to stay in our little bubbles even when we travel these days by hopping between one identical room to another. Yes, it’s easy and there’s minimal risk, which has its place, amen, but sometimes I wonder if I stay in those places because I’m feeling fearful. If I stretch my family and stay somewhere quirky it might be a disaster, but it’ll probably be a tale we’ll be telling with a smile years later.

We’ve just got back from spending the weekend in a converted train carriage. Yes, a four year old’s idea of heaven, but it was on my bucket list too and we had soooo much fun. Now, I want to tick another one off the list – staying in a gypsy caravan and lookie, I found one.

2. Michael Pollan’s articles on food

I have a crush on Michael Pollan. I want to have his book babies. I love his boring, boring approach to food. I love it when he drones on with stuff we’ve all heard a million times, ‘Eat food your grandmother would’ve recognised’ and so on. When he goes on a long winded tale about how society and media have attacked every major food group and labelled it evil at some point in the last century, well that just leaves me in a frenzy. His ever so unsexy tag, ‘Eat food, not too much, mostly plants’, well I don’t know if I can say in polite company. Anyway, I love these free articles of his.

3. Herdsharing and our chickensD-and-chickens

This is the part where I talk about how much I love our chickens and want to tell you, the man in the shop, everyone to get chickens and how herdsharing might make it possible.

We’re sharing our ladies with our neighbours and this means we share the costs, work and all important eggs. We’re still a month away from those eggs. The eggs I’ve been dreaming  about for years (here’s the time we were going to get chickens, but found out I was going to lay an egg of my own).

Are you someone that has always wanted chickens, but have lots of reasons why you can’t get chickens? Perhaps, with a little creative thinking and wrangling, herdsharing might be your ticket to owning chickens, pig, goat or cow, even if you’re living in a studio apartment 20 feet off the ground. Is there someone nearby with a big backyard? I’m not saying it’s a definite, but I just want to plant that seed of possibility. Start a conversation, as they say.

4. Happy Handmade Home

How gorgeous are the Beautiful Mess girls? And their book looks like a lot of fun. I’m still waiting for mine, but I’ve heard lots of good things.

5. Cosmetic chemistry and preservative-free beauty

I’ve been making mine own beauty products for so long now and when it was just for me I was happy keeping an eye on things to see how long they’d last, but it’s been frustrating not having clear guidelines to share with people and believe me, the tinterwebs is not good for this kind of info, so I’ve started studying cosmetic chemistry and it feels good.

What are you loving at the moment? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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  1. I hope your cousin makes a good recovery. What a horrible thing to happen.

  2. What an awful thing to happen. I hope your cousin and his family recover physically and emotionally soon. Glad you’re finding ways not to squander the joy… especially your lovely chickens. The ones we had growing up used to love a cuddle. 🙂

  3. That is very scary and strength to your cousin and his family and I will ask the universe to look after them all. What a great idea spending time in a converted train carriage (off to read about it after I write this) As for chooks. I grew up in rural NZ, an hour from town, chooks, dogs, pet lambs, and it was lovely. Fresh warm eggs that I got to collect, dogs I chased sheep with and food grandmas recognise. I miss that my kids don’t have all of that, but it’s really hard to recreate ALL of it, so I’m just doing the best I can. You are amazing for all that you do. Hugs my L’Oreal lippie love…(still must write about that) Em xxx

    • Lovely lady,
      You’re a sweetheart. I do it because it’s my version of fun. What a gorgeous childhood you had, but your kids have an awesome childhood too. If they need reminding, I’m more than happy to tell them!

  4. Wow what a great spot those carriages are – you are giving your children such a fantastic upbringing xx

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin. I’m glad you’re noticing the beauty of small things. It’s the only good that can come out of a bad situation.

  6. That is absolutely terrible news about your cousin, so scary but I’m so glad to hear he was taken to hospital in time. Gosh.
    At the moment I’m loving the fact that I feel like I’m on top of my work for the first time in ages and I actually have the time to read and comment on other blogs! I think the herdsharing idea of chooks is brilliant. We have chooks and the other day my husband worked out that we were at a huge loss after two years and lots of eggs. We’ve already lost two chooks to our dog (we left the gate open with one and the other decided to start flying out of the pen). So we now have two and are looking forward to them laying. Unfortunately the one we lost last week had only just started laying and I was loving seeing my sons face when we went to collect her eggs.

  7. oh my sweets, that’s terrible. glad they were able to fly him back to do their best xo

  8. OMG that is horrific! Your poor cousin and his family. Sending much much love to them and I hope that the healing comes quickly on all accounts xx

  9. That is terrible! Your poor cousin and his family! I hope the hand does attach properly. Things I’m loving at the moment is this spring weather with sunshine and blue skies. I’m also loving watching my girls play and interact together.

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