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How to lock up your love

How to lock up your love, without locking your lover in the dog house and throwing away the key…

by Cybele

For those of you who are subscribers to the newsletter, you’ll know I’m on a mission to strengthen connections with loved ones. I’m not naturally the world’s most romantic person, so I’ve been on the hunt for ways and rituals to express this, ahem, thing they call love. They need to be easy, because life gets in the way and difficult won’t happen. I’m just not that organised.
True to form, Gordon organised a lovely slap up dinner at a restaurant and a friend to babysit for tonight (because not many places are open on Monday nights) to celebrate our anniversary. Me? Well it got to lunchtime on Monday and I thought – Eek! I haven’t organised anything. That’s when I remembered the fantastic idea of locking up your love. So, I raced to the shed, dug out an unloved padlock and dragged the boys off to the locksmith guy, who does engraving as well.How to lock up your loveI first came across locking up your love at a friend’s wedding, where we went up onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge and watched the newly-weds lock a padlock engraved with their names to the bridge fence. They knew the padlock would be cut off, but sometimes it’s fun to do something a little anti-authoritarian. Let’s call it street art. Not everywhere cuts off the locks, here are some great images from around the world.
Luckily, a park not too far from us, Ballast Point Park, has a wall where people have started locking up love and the council seems to let it carry on. I love it.How to lock up your loveAlthough, it’d be just as fun to do this in your own backyard.
This family of padlocks has given me inspiration.How to lock up your loveTo have some engraved for the boys.How to lock up your love
We had an impromptu picnic (sushi rolls from up the road, a bowl of fruit from the fridge and some bubbles). Poor Gordon wasn’t even given enough notice to shower after riding his bike home and you may notice the lack of picnic rug! Oops – tea towel seat, anyone?How to lock up your loveWe just hung out and chatted in the fading light.LUL-G-and-DAnd something magical happened.LUL-locking I remembered that our love is far from perfect, but it is beautiful.

Bell x

How do you like to acknowledge love?

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  1. Ah, but that is romantic, and how sweet to do it for the boys as well as the grown ups. Family love is all totally interconnected, isn’t it? I hadn’t seen pix of locks in Sydney before, that’s great to to see.

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