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How to make upcycled utensil holders

Love the Home You Have – day fourteen – kitchen project day

by Cybele
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Megan Morton said, ‘I love getting my thrift on.’ This is one of many reasons to love her. She may be at the top of the styling game, but she’s incredibly generous with her knowledge.
I did her fabulous Styling Masterclass and loved it. The last time we met, at an upcycling forum with City of Sydney, I learned of her love of thrift. So, I had to ask her to share one of her favourite thrifty ideas for the kitchen.
‘I like to do simple things that make sense,’ said Megan. ‘In the past, I’ve recycled my formula tins (with seal lids), cleaned them and painted them all white.  So perfect for unopened bags of herbs, grains, nuts etc.’
Or take off the lid and use for utensil jars.
Pic credit: Megan Morton

How to make upcycled utensil holders

IngredientsHow to make utensils holder

Can opener
Paint and
Paint primer for metal or
Letter stickers or
Letter stencil and
Permanent marker pen

How to make

1. Open the tins (square and round) with an old school tin openerHow to make utensils holder
2. Paint the tin with a metal-friendly primerHow to make utensils holder3.  Paint with two coatsHow to make utensils holderor spray paint straight onto the tin.How to make utensils holder
3. Add letter stickersHow to make utensils holder


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  1. I absolutely love this idea, thank you! There are plenty of formula tins in my house at the moment, so I’ll be giving this a whirl! Great blog by the way:-)

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