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How do you mark your children’s firsts?

 A giveaway sponsored by LEGO Juniors.

I’m all fired up. My little boy is not so little anymore and I feel like his important milestones are slipping away. Does anyone else feel like this? How can we make these firsts memorable? With pictures of course!

I hereby introduce #myfirst

It’ll be a fun place on Instagram and Pinterest to share all those firsts and celebrate milestones before they whiz by. I shared the idea with LEGO Australia and they’re happy to do a giveaway to kick start it. The competition will close 5 December, 2014 (in plenty of time for Christmas) and the prize will go to the awesomest entry, but the hashtag will go on. All you have to do it show me your #myfirst moment and make sure to tag #LEGOJuniorsAU – I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!#myfirst |Blah Blah Magazine

This whole #myfirst idea started because our four year old is obsessed with police cars, cops on bikes, fire engines, ambulances – sirens, really. So we took him down to the Emergency Services Expo in Kiama (two hours south of Sydney). It blew his mind.#myfirst |Blah Blah Magazine  

He met firefighters, police officers, hopped in helicopters, fire trucks, on motorbikes and jet skis and watched people rescued from cars – all important firsts for his understanding of the world.

I’m trying to find ways to acknowledge these firsts in his life and celebrate them, because it’s so easy to let these things slide. Apparently talking about these events is an important part of how children develop a sense of who they are. Hence, the birth of #myfirst. Do you have a special way to mark these occasions?


The other thing our boy is obsessed with is LEGO bricks, which is lucky because his Occupational Therapist recommended it to strengthen his fingers and get all those neurons firing. He considered himself too old for DUPLO and wanted all the fancy bits of LEGO, but he needed our help to follow the instructions. When he was given a LEGO Juniors set he could follow most of the picture instructions by himself.

Hours and hours of screen-free entertainment right there and it was important to me that it can be used with the regular LEGO toys he already has, because I hate toys with a short life span.#myfirst |Blah Blah Magazine

Anyway, LEGO toys don’t have any PVC, lead, phthalates or BPAs and they’re doing a lot to minimise the impact on the environment. If you feel like a bit of light reading, here you are.

But mostly, I love the way kids can breathe amazing lives into those square bodies and bricks.

What have been some of the big firsts in your life or your child’s life and how do acknowledge them? I’d love to hear in the comments below.#myfirst |Blah Blah Magazine

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  1. What a great idea! My Esther loves her lego but we have to keep it away from Magdalene who likes to throw it everywhere. They love to play with the duplo together.
    This post makes me think about what first’s Esther should attempt.

  2. Cool idea. My son loves Lego – big time. It’s done wonders for his creativity. He puts his creations on a high shelf for a while and now tries to draw them as well. Not a bad effort for a 6 year old. Such a great toy.

  3. Your son is such a little cutie! Love your #myfirst idea! I can’t enter your lego giveaway because I don’t have children young enough to enjoy lego anymore *sniff sniff* 😉 x

  4. It has taken me longer than I actually thought to get my boys into Lego. Once I leave them with it, and ignore the mess, they go nuts! Thanks for the reminder to just go with it! x

  5. What a fab idea! I love lego…I loved it as a kid, and still love it now

  6. I feel like there are #myfirsts everyday with kids and it is amazing to watch and impossible to record it all. Lego and Duplo are huge in this house and always a great activity to pull out and play, but a pain in the bum to pack up.

  7. I love your #myfirst idea! We have a few firsts coming up so look out for a couple of pics from me!

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