Massage oil for lovers…

DIY Romantic Massage Oil | Blah Blah Magazine
by Cybele
Following on from my new found love of Valentine’s Day, I made some beautiful massage and bath oils in vintage perfume bottles I found in a thrift shop. Since they are clear glass, I made enough for a single use.  Feel free to make a bigger batch and store in a dark glass bottle in a cool, dark place.

Valentine’s Day Massage OilDIY Romantic Massage Oil | Blah Blah Magazine

10 drops of rose or jasmine essential oil
2 drops of sandalwood essential oil
6 drops of lemon essential oil
30 ml sweet almond oil or coconut oil

Valentine’s Day Bath OilDIY Romantic Massage Oil | Blah Blah Magazine

4 drops rose
2 drops neroli
5 drops jasmine
1 drop lemonDIY Romantic Massage Oil | Blah Blah Magazine




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Cybele Masterman (Bele) trained as a beauty therapist, aromatherapist and journalist. After working as all of the above has found herself on a quest for a beautiful and meaningful life that doesn't cost the earth. Follow on google: +blahblahmagazine twitter: @blahblahzine or Instagram: BlahBlahMagazine

12 Comments on "Massage oil for lovers…"

  1. LT 30/01/2013 at 11:38 pm · Reply

    “Captain’s log” – hilarious! “Placenta poker”
    – dreadful! And I would really love to know who calls it “Charles the Bold” (maybe Camilla).

    • BlahBlahMagazine
      Blah Blah Magazine 31/01/2013 at 9:38 am · Reply

      Hee hee. Yes, I think the royals might have a few special names x

  2. Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors 14/02/2013 at 2:20 pm · Reply

    I actually preferred non scented massage oil. I must be strange! But think that a massage would be great tonight – now to just convince hubby to give me one and to owe him one another day.

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member

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