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Exercise & a beautiful life

For the Australians amongst you, Michelle Bridges won’t need much introduction. She is the tough personal trainer with heart.

The first time I met Michelle was by chance in a local cafe (she was eating a very healthy muffin and I was not) and yes, she is just lovely and ever since then I have wanted hit her up for the little things that help make her life beautiful and here they are…

 A better life | Blah Blah Magazine

  1. I’ve discovered bomb diving into the pool is an awesome workout. Seriously they are the bomb! Run and jump, then swim to side, get out and repeat. Not only are they ridiculously good fun and annoying to everyone else around, that whole process burns up a gazillion calories.
  2. I’m a regular exerciser who trains to stay fit in order to enjoy my everyday life. Regularly, however, I will set goals to incorporate into my training for my own self-gratification. That might be to run a distance, push a certain weight or try a specific sport like surfing or skiing. It helps boost motivation.
  3. My big thing when it comes to exercise is not body shape first and foremost. It’s how amazing exercise is for your head! That to me stands on top of all else and is my own focus for exercise and what I try to instil in others. Yes, training in all its different forms will help you achieve better fitness, power, agility, co-ordination, balance, weight loss and much more, however, my biggest view is always on how it makes one feel and think.
  4. I’ve found there is nothing healthier or simpler than a dinner prepared on my BBQ – chicken or fish and BBQ veggies. Sooooo easy and yummy.
  5. I’ve discovered the best time to get my training done is in the morning – that way the monkey is off my back and I feel good and amped for the day.

You can meet and/or take part in a VIP training session with Michelle Bridges at the upcoming Fitness & Health Expo in Melbourne – Melbourne Contention & Exhibition Centre, April 10-12. The Expo will also visit Perth, Sydney and Brisbane in Spring 2015. Visit www.fitnessexpo.com.au for more info.

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  1. Oh such fit-spiration! Great interview, Bele! x

    • I think the world is telling me to get off my booty! I’m now trying to put exercise as my priority, because it’s the best thing I can do for my brain and in that regard I need all the help I can get x

  2. I’m SUCH a Michelle fangirl! The bombing tip cracks me up!X

  3. What an inspiration Michelle is. I’m trying to get back on the fitness and exercise track after illness and it has been a real struggle and honestly needing all the inspiration I can get at the moment.

    • Have you read ‘Spark, the new science of exercise and the brain’? It’s really interesting and now I’m reading the sequel to the brain that changes itself and exercise is a big part of that too. I’ve just started getting back into regular exercise and it’s making a big difference.

  4. Loved this interview – especially the ‘bomb’ tip! What a classic…and the perfect excuse to stay childish in all the best possible ways!

  5. Bombies! Who would have thought?! Love these 5 little things. She is spot on about the feeling that exercise gives you – that little high is what keeps me coming back. Now I just have to learn how to become a morning person (I’m a bad mood bear in the mornings!).

  6. You know, from what I’ve seen I didn’t think I like Michelle much but she actually sounds pretty cool.
    Funny how the media can make us perceive people differently from what they are.

    • I know what you mean about media portrayal. From our brief chat, she is really fun and lovely. The other thing I like is she isn’t pushing anything extreme, just sensible exercise and good food.

  7. Michelle Bridges is one of my favourite peeps. I just signed up to her 12WBT for May as I need some motivation over the winter months and I just love this program. I’m actually going to the Fitness Expo on the weekend and am waiting to hear back on whether I have a 10 minute interview slot with her. All my Christmas’ I tell you…

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