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The modern-day Mother’s Day

by Naomi
It is Mother’s Day here in Australia today – a day to appreciate all that our mothers have done for us. From stretching their bodies in ways they didn’t think possible to the many sleepless nights we caused and continue to cause from time to time.
Interestingly, humans have been celebrating our mums for centuries. From over 250 years before Christ, Ancient Romans celebrated a spring festival, called Hilaria dedicated to Cybele, a mother goddess (yes, our very own pregnant Auntie Blah Blah). The celebration made by making offerings in the temple of Cybele lasted for three days and included parades, games and masquerades. The celebrations were notorious enough that followers of Cybele were banished from Rome.
However, I have noticed that the celebration of the maternal bond have deteriated somewhat since:
  • Breakfast in bed – mothers dutifully looking pleased that they have been allowed to sleep in for 15mins longer than they normally wake up during the week and continue the enthusiasm while eating burnt toast, something that once resembled a bacon rasher and a cup of freshly destroyed orange juice with no vodka in it.
  • Lunch with the family – the lucky ones are found herding their crying children, their own mother and their husbands mother into seats squashed round a large restaurant table whereas the others are found catering to a family event at home where their partner has mercifully BBQ’d leaving pretty much everything else to mum.
  • Gifts – everything a mum could want – chocolate (she can’t eat because she’s trying to get her pre-pregnancy figure back), smelly candles (she can burn to try to rid the house of the burnt toast smell) and, of course, that hand-held food processor (she had seen in the Mother’s Day sale which she had hoped no one would buy for her).
  • Fun runs – a recent phenomenon whereby charities have convinced the already guilt-ridden mother that the idea of having a whole day to celebrate the fact that they are still standing is incredibly selfish and unrewarding. Instead, mums are up before dawn getting themselves and their family ready to watch her sweat her way around a course supposedly designed for her to have fun.
All things considered, I realise most mothers do enjoy the day and it is good that we have a day to celebrate the importance of our mums in our lives. However, let’s remember those who have different things on their mind today. Without wanting to put a dampener on things, a very special mention to:
  • those who live far away from their mother
  • those who live far away from their children
  • those who have lost their mother
  • those who have lost their child
  • those who are not able to have children
  • those who are mothers to other people’s children
  • those who do not know who or where their mother is
  • those who do not know where their children are

About Naomi Moan

Naomi Moan lives life as a palindrome. She likes nothing better than to take things and turn them on their heads. She loves food, motorcycles, her cat, art, comedy, women, music, food, laughing, people, travelling, new ideas, debating and food. Her door-knocking religious upbringing has prepared her for a lifetime of rejection. So if you don't happen to like or agree with the article, she smiles politely and moves on to the next one...

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  1. “Freshly destroyed orange juice” – it’s the small things that count….
    PS The temple of Cybele! I love it…we must all make offerings.

  2. Cybele @ BlahBlah

    Oh, to be worthy of a good banishment! Beautiful post x

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