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Thank you bunting

I’ve been wondering about the power of gratitude for a while. Does it improve our quality of life to be thankful for what we have? I don’t believe that we can be happy all the time, but something in me suspects gratitude is bigger than that.

It’s not always easy to be grateful, because life seems to get in the way. I’ve been meaning to join in with Hailey’s amazing #365grateful for one hundred years, but I’m intimidated because a year is a long time. Have you tried to increase your sense of gratitude? How long did it take to reset your thinking? Is it possible?

I wondered if we wrote things down and left them where we could see them, like a Tibetan Prayer Flag, perhaps it would speed up the effect? You see, I remember things better when I write them down and I wanted Mr 4YO to join in with drawings too (he’s behind with his fine motor skills and I’m looking for all sorts of ways to give him a nudge). Out of these two requirements the thank you banner was born.How to say thank you

The sight of the bunting always makes me smile. Yes, even in the mornings, pre-caffeine.

At first, we did this every morning and the effect was huge and immediate. Gordon and I used to snap and moan at each other and the kids, while we all rushed and bumped around. When we did the banner something strange happened. Instead of groaning about the day ahead, we talked about what we were writing.

‘Why are you grateful for running water?’ Gordon asked.
‘Can you imagine raising children without it? And that’s without mentioning that it’s safe to drink.’ I said.

As Mr 4YO drew his pictures of sky, garbage trucks, fire fighters, various family members and so on, we talked about being lucky to have these people and things in our lives.

Now we just do it on weekends and on mornings when we can feel our fuses shortening. I probably should’ve called it #99thankyous, so we each had 33, but I like the number 101, so I tagged it #101thankyous on social media whenever I remembered. Feel free to tag along too, I’d love to see what other families are grateful for.

How to make a thank you banner

1. We used the pages of an old book that was rejected by the second-hand bookshop and cut the corners off to make a triangle.How to say thank you

2. We wrote and drew whatever took our fancy.

How to say thank you

3. Even Mr I-don’t-do-craft got involved…


4. Stapled it to a raffia giftwrap ribbon.How to say thank you

5. And hung it up where we could see it.

I chose materials we could compost (apparently staples are okay), because my inner hipster liked the idea that this would feed our soil, but now the sentimentalist in me wants to keep it as a record of this time in our lives. I have no idea who is going to win. I’ll have to let you know.

Happy days!

Enjoy x

What are you thankful for?



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  1. What a lovely idea, and it will be playing with things like this that Mr 4 will love to do which will ensure his writing will progress beautifully I am sure.

  2. That is such an amazing idea and something I will implement in our family. Maybe once a week we can all be thankful for something.
    I tried #100happydayschallenge on instagram but struggled with this as some days there is not much to be happy about let alone take a photo.
    Thank you so much for linking up.

  3. I adore this idea, I’m a mad fan of a garland! I think we might have to try this too, my little guy needs to be school ready and I’m looking for ways to encourage writing and being thankful etc. Love it!

  4. I love how this activity inspired such great moments and conversations. Such a beautiful way to start the day. Just a beautiful concept x

  5. i love this idea. Great way to get the kids and those who do not do craft (i have one too) to join in. I dont think i could compost it though …
    visiting via Help I’mStuck

  6. A lovely idea for gratefulness, pretty too. I love that you used pages of an old book to make the banner.

  7. “Inner hipster”, huh? I think it’s time we go to another jam jar cafe to bring out the hipster a bit more 😉 xx

  8. OMG I cannot tell you just how much I love this. Like LOVE LOVE this idea. Such a beautiful thing to do. I write in a gratitude journal before I go to sleep, but I love the idea of all of us sharing with each other what we are grateful for xx

  9. This is so beautiful, both to look at and the sentiment! I think we could all use some gratitude bunting in our day xx

  10. Such a gorgeous & thoughtful idea Bele! Our household has been quite highly strung of late so we have been trying to focus on the small things to ease the tension. One of these banners might be the visual we need too! 🙂

  11. What a great way to show thankfulness as a family, such a lovely idea!

  12. What a great idea and I love it how you got the whole family to participate!

  13. This is a gorgeous idea and I think it will keep gratitude top of mind. Just wonderful. x

  14. I really love this idea! Gratitude is powerful and it definitely doesn’t just have to be for the big things. I feel good when I acknowledge the small stuff…like a car park spot at a crowded shopping mall or a beautiful sunrise. Tacky. But true.
    Mr I Don’t Do Craft looks completely focused!

  15. Cybele, what a wonderful idea.
    Some nights we write what our highlights were from that day and put them in a jar.

  16. I love this!! I will do this and have it look just like yours. It is rather beautiful in its simplicity.
    I started writing in a gratitude journal around October last year. Each night, before sleep, I listed three things I was grateful for. Then in the New Year I discovered #thankfulthursday, and started writing weekly, a longer more in depth post expressing my gratitude. I am so amazed that this link up is now mine!! I have found being focused on my gratitude very healing. I am not innately grateful, so it has been a skill I have needed to practice. I credit my more grateful attitude with helping me become more sane and happy. Granted, I have experimented with lots of stuff during my journey to a healthier wellbeing, so there is no way of know what it was that has done it. But, being grateful is easy. It is something that I continue to do because it is nice and instant in its effect. I trust that being grateful is something that helps you heal too. xS

  17. Thank you so much for linking this fabulous post up to #thankfulthursday!!

  18. I’m not really big on craft but I love this idea! I think I might do it as our own version of an advent calendar this year leading into Christmas and a reminder of the reason behind the season.

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