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Open Lasagne with burnt sage butter sauce

by Gordon
OK, so I’ve been promising, hinting, threatening that I’d get a vego dish or two up and figured it was high time that I delivered.
This one is definitely a big favourite around here, which can be as simple to make as you could imagine.
To serve 4  you need is the following:
1 butternut pumpkin/squash
1 bunch of sage
150gm/ 5.3 oz butter (please use good butter not margarine, people)
pepper and salt
150 gm/5. 3 oz of feta cheese
Lasagne sheets (which I recommend making from scratch with the pasta dough recipe here) 2 per person
Preheat your oven to 180° C/ 350° F. Start off peeling your pumpkin, cut in half and remove all of the seeds. Once this is completed you want to cut into cubes just under an inch square. Drop all the cubes into a baking dish and drizzle liberally with olive oil and a very healthy grind of black pepper.
Cook for approximately 45 minutes or until soft.Open lasagne
While the pumpkin is cooking merrily away, you’ll need to get your pasta sorted if you’re making it from scratch. Follow this recipe here.Open lasagne
Once the ball of pasta dough is ready, start by rolling out nice thin sheets which you’ll want to cut into rectangles of 15cm long by as wide as your pasta sheets come out. You only need two sheets per person. They only take about 4 minutes in your boiling water, so don’t cook them until the pumpkin is ready. If you’re using store bought lasagne sheets, then they may need to cook for longer, anywhere from 5-10 minutes until soft.Open lasagne
Lastly, take your knob of butter and drop into a shallow saucepan on medium heat. Once all of the butter has melted and started bubbling away, rip up about 6 leaves of sage and drop in. Turn off after 20 seconds.
Take another 8 sage leaves and slice crossways, but not too finely.
Now the fun plating up bit. Start dropping your pasta sheets in the water and place one sheet on each plate. Layer with your pumpkin, crumble some feta cheese over the top, spoon over some burnt sage butter sauce and stick the next layer of pasta on top. Spoon over a bit more sage butter and then sprinkle with your shredded sage.
Voila! Open lasagne

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