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A paper Christmas tree

A musical Christmas tree for Mum

by Cybele

My mum is moving house this week. She is an expert mover. For one reason or another she has moved houses a lot. I am always so impressed that she has the energy to do it. Me on the other hand, have lived in the same house on and off my whole life, mainly because I’m lazy and overly sentimental about my home.
Mum calls her new house her ‘old lady house’ and considering she is a long way from being an old lady, I take it that this is her forever house. The one she wants to grow old in.If she thinks about moving again, I might run Naomi’s stress scales past her.
Since her Christmas decorations will probably be buried a long way from her concerns, I thought I would make her a collapsible Christmas tree. The music sheets seemed an apt decoration, because despite her many moves, mum always takes her piano with her.

How to make a paper Christmas tree

I found the music sheets at a thrift shop, but I am tempted to do another one using old book pages, as it would go quite nicely on my nana chic Christmas table. The foam core is from Reverse Garbage, but cardboard from old boxes would do the trick, otherwise art supply shops usually stock foam core.

Ingredients:DIY Paper Christmas Tree | Blah Blah Magazine

Foam core or thick cardboard
Tracing or baking paper (optional)
Sheets of music
Craft glue

Instructions:DIY Paper Christmas Tree | Blah Blah Magazine

1. I drew a Christmas tree shape onto the foam core, traced the outline onto baking paper and copied it, so that the second tree would be identical. On the first Christmas tree shape and using a ruler, I drew a slit running from the top of the tree to a little past the middle and on the second I made the outline for the slit to run from the bottom up past halfway. I then cut the foam core out with a scalpel on a chopping board.
2. I glued the first music page onto one side and cut around the shape of the tree leaving about 4mm extra all the way around and folded and glued the edges, because it is for my mum and she likes smooth edges. However, if you are like me and quite like exposed edges, cut as close as you can (and save yourself a lot of fiddly gluing.) Last of all, I cut the slits in the centre and slid the two pieces together.
Happy silly season!
Cybele x
Ps. Are you a house mover or a stayer?

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