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Awesome upcycled play tent tutorial

This awesome upcycled play tent is the gorgeous creation of Megan from Upstyler a fantastic blog about creating treasure from trash. I’m also in love with her cardboard clock post. I’ll leave you in Megan’s creative hands. Enjoy!

Upcycled play tent tutorial

Hi All,
My name is Megan and I am so excited to be here at Blah Blah Magazine. I live in Brisbane, Australia, with my husband and daughter and write a blog called Upstyler.net.
Thanks to Cybele for allowing me to do some guest posts.

If you’re a Blah Blah reader you want to waste less and live more, but you also want a stylish and inviting home. I have the solution to this problem. I find and repair, repurpose or upcycle items that have been put out for rubbish collection or are commonly found in the back of your cupboards. I call it upstyling.

Upstyling is an enjoyable, environmental and thrifty way to decorate your home.
I have furnished my house for almost no money and I love the result.

I’m thrilled be sharing some of my upstyling projects with you. I hope you will be inspired to look at old and unwanted things with new eyes and together we can create treasure from trash.

Here is a project we completed recently, hope you like it!

How to make a play tent | Blah Blah Magazine


3 long dowels. I found mine on the side of the road, they were  approx 1350m long,10mm diameter, you could use old broomsticks)
1 smaller length of thinner wood. Mine measured 1050mm long and 10mm wide
1 blanket. This gorgeous vintage blanket was being thrown out on the side of the road, but you may find one tucked away in an older relative’s linen cupboard
Some fabric or leather scraps for the tabs that attach the blanket to the frame
4 main pieces of wood. I broke apart my old wooden bed base to get these. They measured: 1120mm long, 20mm wide and 10mm thickHow to make a play tent | Blah Blah Magazine

Tools and hardware

Saw – preferably a drop saw that you can make angled cuts with.
Drill with screwdriver and spade bits. The spade bits will need to be the same diameter as the dowel
6 screws
Needle and thread or sewing machine
A helper

How to make the play tent

1. Fold your blanket in half to get an approximate height for your tent by measuring from the fold to the edges. The blanket will need to be a bit longer than the wood, so that it can be folded back and stitched later to make the footholds for the tent.
2. Cut the 4 main pieces of wood for the A-frame to this estimated tent height.
3. Measure the diameter of the tent top dowel (don’t worry about the length of the dowel at this point, we will sort that out later). You then need to scrounge up the same diameter spade bit for your drill. Tent-drill-bit5. Take the 4 main pieces of wood and drill a hole in the centre of the wood about 110mm/ inches from the end to allow a nice amount of cross over at the top of the A-frame. Use the first piece you do as the template for the next piece so they all end up the same.How to make a play tent | Blah Blah Magazine6. At the other end of the piece of wood to the hole, cut the inner corners off your A-frame pieces at an angle, so that the tent will sit flat on the floor. Again, use the first piece as a guide so they are all similar.How to make a play tent | Blah Blah Magazine7. Thread your top dowel through the holes you drilled in the 4 main pieces of wood, so that the angled cuts will sit flat on the ground with the pointy ends on the outside.
8. Place your blanket over the frame you have so far and see how long you want your tent to be. This blanket was single bed size but it was too wide, so we just folded some of it under at the back. You could cut and restitch the blanket if perfection is your thing.
9. Cut your lower dowels to the exact length you want the tent to be but leave your top one at least 10cm longer so that it sticks out the holes a nice amount.How to make a play tent | Blah Blah Magazine10. Open your frame out to your desired final shape and cut the piece of thinner wood for a brace at floor level on the back triangle (see above).
11. Next sew the floor ends of your blanket into a pocket for your dowels and thread them through and screw the dowels into the frame.How to make a play tent | Blah Blah Magazine12. Screw the floor level back brace in place. Stitch on some tabs at various places to secure the blanket. We used some left over brown felt but leather would be awesome if you had some.How to make a play tent | Blah Blah Magazine
That’s it! The only new materials used were screws and thread. The earth and your small family members will love you. I promise.
Hope this inspires you, Megan

We’re linking up with the gorgeous Persia Lou for the Makers’ Party

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  1. Thank you, Megan! It’s fantastic. I really want to have a go at making this x

  2. Now that is one insanely cool play tent. Stuff the kids – I want one for me x

  3. I’m so impressed that you made this all with found items and materials you had on hand! I’m planning a “camping” themed party for my daughter right now, and I really think we need to make a few of these!

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