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Thai prawn salad, the best ever!

Thai prawn salad

The prawns weren’t really in the menu plan for the dinner the other night…but as the special had them at $18.50 per kg it was just a tad difficulty to pass up the opportunity. I love coming into summer as prawns seem to pop up all the time and there really are soo many different things that you can do with them. I chose a light-ish summer salad with a pretty heavy dosing of chill this time round (make sure you pick you guests…can’t have them going all red in the face over dinner..)Thai prawn salad | Blah Blah Magazine


Serves 4-6
600gm fresh green tiger or med-king prawns
3 birds-eye chillies- finely diced
3cm piece of ginger
generous squeeze of honey
2 Lebanese cucumbers
Assorted lettuce leaves (lightly shredded)
A couple of handfuls of bean sprouts
Handful of coriander, shredded
Handful of mint, shredded
1 cup light soy sauce


Juice of 2 limes
5cm piece grated palm sugar (or brown sugar)
1 x large red chilli- deseeded and finely diced)
2 tablespoons of fish sauce
(may need to add a little more palm sugar, but shake like mad to ensure it’s all dissolved first)

Pickled Ginger

5cm piece of finely julienned ginger
60ml rice wine vinegar
30g white sugar

Remove all the heads from the prawns and peel their shells, leaving the tail on and place in a mixing bowl. Finely dice the 3 birds-eye chillies. If you want it really hot, leave the seeds in. Take half the ginger and finely grate with a cheese grater or microplane. Pour the soy sauce, ginger and chillies and honey over the prawns, toss lightly with your hands to ensure they are all covered. Cover with cling film and leave to marinate in the fridge for at least an hour.
Shed the lettuce leaves, mint and coriander. Julienne the cucumber lengthways and build the salad on a nice long serving plate.Thai prawn salad | Blah Blah Magazine
BBQ the prawns on a hotplate and place on the built salad. Sprinkle over the pickled ginger and then dress liberally. Serve immediately for all to tuck into.

 Got any interesting prawn recipes that you have come across that you would like me to have a play with? Lay down the challenge!


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