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How to Make Homemade Soap

Just quietly, I was pleasantly surprised about how easy it is to make homemade soap in the comfort of your own home.
I decided to play it safe and buy a pre-made soap base after hearing that bomb making and making soap from scratch can have a similar result, and because I would like to save my guerilla activities for a later date.How to make lavender soap | Blah Blah Magazine I bought the white soap base from the online store here (although I have to warn you that you may find God or somebody else divine hiding in this link. I have no relationship with the organisation and the reason I chose their soap base after quite a lot of research is that it is made from good ingredients and not palm oil.) I have listed everything else you will need at the end of the post. Happy soap making…How to make lavender soap | Blah Blah Magazine

How to make lavender soap | Blah Blah Magazine

How to make lavender soap | Blah Blah Magazine

How to make lavender soap | Blah Blah Magazine

Making lavender soap at home

Leave the soap to dry for a month or so and Voila! You have a creamy soap that smells scrummy and won’t leave you with that ‘hung out to dry’ feeling.

What you will need:
1 Kilo good quality white soap base
1-2 drops of colouring (food colouring is fine, but may not last as long. You can also buy specific soap colouring from the online store here.)
A good dash of your favourite essential oil. We used lavender.
A handful of dried flowers or herbs. We used our home grown and dried lavender. Ahem. You can see it here and here.  I will shut up about it soon, or not ; )
A mould, ice cube trays would make cute little soaps, a cake tin soap would be fun to cut into wedges, but really you can use anything, so long as it is easy to take the soap out at the end. We used a clean milk carton, folded down the pouring spout, taped it and cut out one side panel (although, we did need to use some bookends to stop it from bulging) and it held the 1 kilo of soap base perfectly and sliced nicely into about ten one centimetre thick soaps.
A double boiler if you have one, but we were very happy with our saucepan and bowl set up. Just make sure you put plenty of water in the saucepan or double boiler base, as topping up mid-flight could be treacherous.

Now, I am feeling inspired and am thinking about transparent blue soaps with toy fish in them for kiddy presents. Although, I am torn, because I have such a vivid memory of apple scented things when I was a kid that I am thinking I might need to do something with apple scent. Maybe, I’ll have to do both.

What are your favourite scents or the ones that have the big memories attached?

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