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Paleo and Gluten Free Quiche

Gluten free quiche recipe

by Christophe and Cybele
Hello and Happy New Year!
It’s good to be back. I am happy to say that we survived Christmas and our 6000 kilometre road trip and even managed to have a good time. Anyway, I will share the dirty secrets of Kangaroo Island on Friday. Right now it’s chewsday (and you thought you were safe, because I would leave the bad puns in 2012…)
Today, Christophe, our favourite pastry chef, is sharing one of his mother’s recipes. She is a legend in the kitchen, so I feel very privileged to be able to share this gluten free quiche recipe.
Gordon’s silver beet has been going crazy in the garden and Heckle (the not so little freedom fighter, formerly known as Little H) loves picking anything, so I set him to work on the silver beet.Gluten Free Quiche | Blah Blah Magazine
This quiche recipe is very flexible, so feel free to ditch the bacon and baby spinach idea and throw in a handful of  roast veg, mushrooms or whatever else is in the fridge, instead. Consider this a starting block recipe; you’re free to leap where you will, but here is the official recipe:Gluten Free Quiche | Blah Blah Magazine

1. Preheat oven to 180°c/350°F and cover tart tin with damp baking paper. Whisk the eggs with the milk and cream in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.

2. Lay the sliver beet leaves in a round tart tin.  Scatter the baby spinach and bacon (or your preferred filling) over the silver beet and sprinkle with cheese.
3. Pour in the egg and cream mixture
4. Bake for 25 minutes Gluten free quicheOr until the top is golden brown.Gluten Free Quiche | Blah Blah Magazine
Some very careful quiche decorating:Gluten Free Quiche | Blah Blah Magazine


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