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What I discovered when I quit the cosmetics counter…

How to quit the cosmetic counter | Blah Blah Magazine

So there was that time when I quit cosmetics and declared my beauty independence, only using products I’d made (except mascara and sunscreen) for a whole six months. Craaaazzzzy!!

It turned out to be crazy good. In fact, I’m the happiest I ever been with my skin as an adult. It ain’t perfect, but I’m happy. It’s so nice not to be a part of the whole weird industry and doing my little bit to reduce the toxic load.

It’s so funny to think, me – the ex-beauty therapist – found it easy to go for six months without using anything on my skin that I hadn’t made, except mascara and sunscreen. I did have some hilarious times testing recipes for an up coming book on simple face scrubs.

For ages, I’ve resisted the temptation to put coconut oil on my face, because it’s listed as one of the big comedogenic oils (blackhead causing), but for some reason I still wanted to try dessicated coconut as a facial scrub… It’d be lovely and nourishing for drier skins with no chance of blackheads, but seriously with in a week I could play join the dots on my face. Hilarious!

The only thing I missed is foundation, because I still haven’t found a great alternative and the one time I broke my rule was to wear foundation to our Slow Road workshop in Brisbane. I blame it on the Paris bombings, PMT and the compounded squishy sensitive feelings that come with it. I didn’t realise how I dependent I am on foundation and using it to put a mask on when I’m feeling like that. It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself…

What I used:How to quit the cosmetic counter | Blah Blah Magazine 

Simple scrubs (oatmeal for drier skin times and almond for oilier times) and honey to wash my face. Backed up with a whole lot of food on my face that I shared on Instagram (look for the fruit and vegetables photos).How to quit the cosmetic counter | Blah Blah Magazine

Green tea toner, I’m lost for words. I just love this stuff.

This body butter to moisturise my face, although I’ve been trialing one for oilier skins during the summer months when my face gets a bit of a sheen and I’ll share that soon.

This eye cream is my, geez-I’m-about-to-turn-40 salve.How to quit the cosmetic counter | Blah Blah Magazine

My perfume. The recipe I shared in this how to make your own signature perfume post.

How to quit the cosmetic counter | Blah Blah Magazine

The deodorant I talked about trialling in this DIY deodorant post worked really well.

I used coffee body scrub and some lavender soap to clean my body and followed with the body butter if needed.

I used the lip and cheek stain as make up and this contour powder for shading and lip balm for gloss.

I know I poo-pooed making my own mascara in this beauty independence post, but that was until I discovered Rogue Ginger’s mascara recipe, which I’m going to try when mine runs out, because the soap makes it a pretty hygienic option. I find normal mascaras can sting when I get them in the eye, so I don’t think there’s much to lose.

I could probably simplify this routine a bit more, but it works for me. The only thing I will add in is to use foundation every now and then until I find a good alternative.

Anyone have any good foundation alternatives? I’ll be your best friend if you do 😉


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  1. I really need to get on it and learn to make some of my own beauty products. You make them all seem so beautiful and effortless! All I’ve got down is a simple salve.

    I rarely ware makeup- no point if only the chickens or carrots will see. However, I love going all out for parties and events. I’m totally fine without it, but it makes the event more fun with the getting ready process (which is often more fun than the event, in all truth). My weakness is fake eyelashes. I know the glue is just absolutely horrible! Formaldehyde is one of the ingredients! And yet I still ware them!


    • Oh, I completely understand the false lash thing. I had some eye lash extensions put on for my wedding and I had so much fun and hence my current love of mascara. Also, I have a theory that guilt, stress and shame are worse for the body than many toxins, while fun and laughter is fantastic medicines, so I reckon if the falsies make you happy, then go for it with abandon and you’re doing so many amazing things already x

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