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Simple ways to reduce air pollution in the home without going crazy

Do you ever feel like the world has gone a bit crazy, but somehow that crazy makes you feel like the crazy one?

Hmm… This is why I thought I’d share how I reduced the air pollution in our home without going kookokachoo crazy and I think I’ve managed it. Opinions may vary….Reduce air pollution in the home | Blah Blah Magazine

At the end of this post is my big list of DIY and homemade goodies to do the trick.When I read this quote: “Indoor air pollution may have caused or contributed to 99,000 deaths annually in Europe”. From the report published by the British Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, highlighted the health problems posed by humble old air freshening, personal hygiene and cleaning products (amongst other things). C.R.A.Z.Y.

Personal care and cleaning products designed to make us and our homes healthier places are on the list of indoor pollutants. Why? Mainly because of the synthetic fragrance compounds, apparently.

And I think gah! My bug spray is killing me! Arghhhhh! No, it’s my anxiety levels! Arghhhhh it’s both!!

So I switch between looking up the price of installing oxygen chambers on remote desert islands and thinking, I’m going to die anyway I might as well be a good smelling corpse. Ha! The drama…

One path leads to the clunking realisation that I’d die of insanity on a desert island and aren’t most of them going to be swamped my sea levels rising or a tsunami? The other path? No corpse ever smells good and this stuff isn’t going to kill me tomorrow.

The boring old middle road is the only sane option. Thankfully, switching out many of the air freshening, personal hygiene and cleaning products is a lot easier than moving to a desert island. Some of the options like beeswax candles and essential oils are more expensive, so we have to decide how much we want them in our life, others like cleaning products are cheaper to make than to buy, so they’re a bit of a no-brainer.

Air freshening options…

The most important: open the windows of your home whenever you can, check all gas appliances are in good working order and fireplaces are well ventilated and quit the fake fragrance stuff wherever possible.

1. A DIY room spray

DIY Air freshener | Blah Blah Magazine
2. Reed diffusersDIY fragrance diffuser | Blah Blah Magazine
3. Pillow/linen sprayLavender-pillow-spray | Blah Blah Magazine
4. Replace candles with beeswax ones. I know they’re exy, but this is a way to reuse them if you have the time.How to make new candles from old 

Personal care

This is where I have the most fun making my own beauty products, but really the most important are:
1. DeodorantDIY deodorant options | Blah Blah Magazine
2. Perfume sprayDIY deodorant options | Blah Blah Magazine
3. Perfume balmDIY how to make perfume| Blah Blah Magazine
4. Hand washHomemade handwash | Blah Blah Magazine
5. Insect repellentFeature-insect

If you fall in love with the idea of making beauty products, as I did, this Why Homemade Beauty post is a great place to start.

Cleaning products
Bicarbonate of soda or vinegar can do most things just as they are, but it can be nice to have some recipes to start with.

1. The basic kitClove cream cleaner | Blah Blah Magazine
2. The slightly fancier approach

Citrus Spray Cleaner | Blah Blah Magazine
3. Laundry powderhomemade laundry detergent
How do reduce the yucky stuff in your home? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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  1. What a brilliant round-up of ideas and recipes! Thank you so much for posting 🙂

    I can’t use many synthetic scented products because their strong aromas set off my BH’s asthma, but I love the look of these natural alternatives especially the reed diffusers. Looking forward to giving that a try.

    We sold up our house for a caravan nearly two years ago which drastically reduced our product usage. I generally handwash all laundry which means gentler washing powder anyway and using far less of it – a ’16 wash’ tub is still going strong three months later! I’m sure manufacturers encourage us to use far more than we actually need!

    Stephanie Jane

  2. What a fantastic resource of ideas! Time to get making. Any tips on teenage boys and an alternative to their horrible smelling body sprays they insist on using?

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