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Salted caramels recipe

Salted caramels recipe

I am on a bit of a salted caramel bender at the moment.

It started with salted caramel gelato and has crescendoed with these insanely good salted caramels.How to make salted caramels | Blah Blah Magazine

Trust the French to have the best recipe for mixing cream and sugar together.

The plan was to make enough for my stocking fillers for Christmas. That was the plan, but someone kept eating them.

Ahem, I think we might need to make another batch…How to make salted caramels | Blah Blah Magazine

The recipe

Say hello to Christophe’s salted caramels recipe and consider yourselves blessed!Salted caramel recipe
One quiet word of warning. The sugar gets ridiculously hot while it is turning that nice caramel colour, so this is not one to make with the kiddies and don’t even think of dipping your fingers in the hot stuff if you like your fingers as they are.

The slicing of the deliciousness!

What are you obsessed with at the moment?

Bele x


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  1. No warning about sticking fingers into to taste the caramel sis? I think that’s remiss of youse! When it’s “a caramel” colour it’s about 170 degrees and funnily enough sticky and you’ll loose any skin that it touches.

    ps I wish I’d had that warning when I was a whipper snapper

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