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Simple living podcast

Anyone else need a bit of cheering up? I just feel like blowing a big raspberry at the world today.

We’ve had a lot of storms and there are more on the way, apparently. I’ve turned off the radio, because I’m not sure how I feel about my boys only hearing about people being shot or killed in avalanches or drowning after fleeing their country.

I’m hoping this podcast might cheer some of you up. The lovely Brooke from Slow Your Home invited me for a chat and we had a very curly conversation about simple living, underpants, cultural shifts, sea life, mindfulness and a coffee scrub recipe.

Link to simple living podcast

 What to do on Kangaroo Island | Blah Blah Magazine

 If you enjoyed the podcast, I thought you might like the workshops Brooke and I are doing in Sydney (and soon Brisbane and Melbourne).




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  1. Just what we need right now. World off, podcast on.

  2. two of my favourites in the one place!!

  3. How cool! Off to check it out (I’m becoming very addicted to podcasts at the moment!). xx

  4. Loved this Bele and thanks for introducing me to Brooke and Slow your Home.
    I’ve been enjoying the seasons here in Yamba and yes, you are right, I’m actually enjoying life so much more, because I’m out there and taking the time to stop and enjoy life. x

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