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All sorted! The bathroom edition

Day 16 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have

By Cybele
It’s funny, because having a son has nearly kicked my make up out of the bathroom, not because my three year old has a vast make up collection, but because our first aid kit’s expanded exponentially and there’s no room left for my lipsticks. I will be looking at the first aid kit a bit more seriously in a couple of days, but for now it’s time to go through the toiletries with a fine tooth comb.
I’m not great in the mornings and when I discovered how many precious morning minutes I can save by streamlining my bathroom, I felt like attaching a PA system to the roof of my car and shouting about it. Here is what I would have said:
1. To make things easy to find, ensure everything has a home.
2. Store like with like. Keep all your cosmetics in one spot, hair styling items together and shaving items in easy reach, etc.
3. Think about what order you use things and how often. Things that aren’t used as often can sit further back.
4. Give each family member his or her own section or basket.
5. Make sure there is a towel rail or hook for everybody and in an ideal world have them in easy reach of the shower or tub to minimise drips.
6. If needed, squeeze in some more storage space by: fitting any extra wall space with shelves, using an under the sink wheelie trolley (will fit even in the smallest bathrooms), inserting kitchen drawer organisers in the drawers, slipping the humble old shower caddy over the shower head to keep all that stuff off the shower floor and keeping a vacant hook on the back of the bathroom door for hanging dressing gowns and clean clothes.
7. Peruse products for signs of decay: strange smells, flaking and discolouration. Check use by dates, otherwise anything that has been open for more than one year might need to be thrown as products can oxidise in that time. “Cosmetics with less water in them (lipstick) last longer than those with more ( body lotions). Items mixed with saliva, such as mouthwashes or eye cosmetics, go off fastest of all,” says Reader’s Digest.
8. Do the toothbrushes need replacing?
9. Wash hair combs and brushes. Does anyone else marvel at their hair loss whenever the do this? I don’t have much hair, but don’t tell my hairbrush that.
10. Store children’s bath toys in a ‘breathable’ container. I use the red mesh bags that fresh oranges are sold in and dunk the whole thing in a vinegar bath regularly (usually the toys and bag, not the child ; )

Make up

1. Sharpen the pencils, wipe down the eye shadows with a tissue and do the same for lipsticks.
2. So you bought the wrong colour foundation, lipstick or powder? Yup, I trained as a make up artist and I still do it. Our skins change colour over time and those horrible indoor lights in the shops make it impossible. Before you throw them out, play around with mixing your foundations together. Once upon a time, I met a woman who wore four different shades of foundation to highlight and contour her face. Yes, I did ask her what time she got up in the morning and BC (before child) it hurt to think about. For the lipstick, try a different lip liner colour, cover your whole lip with it and apply the lipstick, this will change the lipstick colour and you might just like the end result. Or wipe off the top couple of layers of product (to make it hygienic) and give it to a friend who might suit it. If you are buying cosmetics, try the palm oil free options to help save the lovely Orang-utans.
3.If your mascara is over 6 months old, sadly it needs to be thrown, especially if it’s giving you itchy eye.
4.Wash all brushes and sponges in hot soapy water, rinse with vinegar and again with water, give a good squeeze and flick to speed up the drying. These tools should be washed every couple of times you use them. However, for the regular washing, I just swish them through hot soapy water, rinse and keep them (bristle up) in a cup.
5. If you have left over perfume that you don’t think you’ll ever wear, try using it in your home fragrance.
I can’t believe we’re well over half way through 30 Days to Love the Home You Have.
Cybele x
PS Tomorrow’s the big scrub down.


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