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All sorted! The bedroom edition

by Cybele
Day 23 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have
by Cybele
Naomi shared her clearing the closet adventures here and took some Prisoner-esque outfits out of the closet ; )
Sadly, most of us don’t have Narnia at the back of the wardrobe to store an endless stream of clothes, so it takes a bit of sorting every now and then. In case you missed my musings on de-cluttering, they’re here. A brief summary is to use the minimalist-hoarder quiz to think about your relationship with stuff and what a good balance is for you. In a home it’s about whether minimalism or cosy is your thang, however for clothes it’s more about how and what you wear.
As you probably already know by now, I am not a big fan of purging stuff in a frenzy. I notice it even more with clothes that if I get rid of something I kind of like I will miss it a month later. My general approach over the last couple of years is to buy fewer things. However, clothes do suffer more wear and tear than most other items around the house, so a regular Spring clean is important to create enough space on shelves for things to run smoothly. It saves a lot of time if we can find things easily and the ability to close drawers is handy. Also, we can look after the clothes we have if they have a bit of breathing space.
Tomorrow will be about giving the whole place a scrub down and after that we will look at clothing storage ideas, but first we need to get an idea of how much we have. It’s sorting time!

The plan of attack

1. Pick up and put away all clothes, books and belongings
2. Open up all the cupboard doors and drawers. Leave the items in place that fit well, you love and wear often.
3. Start three piles:
Store: Want to keep but hardly wear or can’t remember the last time worn.
Re-home: Items that don’t fit or can’t relate too, but are in good condition to donate.
Repair: Love these things but they needs some love.
Rags: Things beyond repair and not good enough to donate.
4. The items in the Store pile can be boxed up and stored if you have the room. I have a spot in my attic where I leave these things for a year. After that time I open it up and assess whether to donate them or keep them. I have a better idea by then. If you don’t have the space, think about selling them or swapping with friends.
5. Take the Re-home items to the thrift shop or give to friends.
6. Store the Repair pile and allocate time to fix the items.
7. Make Cleaning Cloths or Rags: I am not sure about the rest of the world, but most of the charity and thrift shops in Australia are inundated with clothes that they’re not able to sell or donate because the items are in poor condition and there is a limit to how many rags they can give away. Out of desperation they have to throw mountains away.
Instead you can save them the trouble, help the environment and save some money along the way. First, take all the buttons off and store them for spares. I am lucky, as I still have my grandmother’s button box that I treasure and love adding to. Grandma sorted them by colour.Buttons Rip the clothes into rags, fold them up and store under the sink or with the cleaning items. Where I once would have used a paper towel – to wipe up a spill on the floor – I now use a rag and I either throw it in the compost (natural fibres like cotton) or bin for synthetic fabrics. Otherwise, if I am feeling dutiful I wash and reuse. This saves paper, money and landfill by reusing something that was destined for the garbage heap anyway.
Cybele x

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