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Sustainable cleaning equipment options

Since doing the post on homemade cleaning products, I’ve slowly been changing my cleaning equipment to more sustainable options. Our discoveries have surprised me and the funny thing is many ended up being cheaper too.

The Mop

The mop was first, because I was sick of paying through the nose for those plastic sponge type things that seemed to last a nano second before ending up in landfill. So, I asked Tony, my mate and professional cleaner. He always uses the old school cotton mop heads.

‘They’re a lot cheaper in the long run,’ Tony said. ‘And I reckon they do a better job, because you can push them harder. Those flimsy squeezable ones break in no time.’

I was sold, although that was before I realised how expensive they were. Coming in over $60 dollars to buy the squeezey bucket (essential for the mop to work) and the mop with a spare head from our local hardware store. The whole thing also takes up more storage space, too, because of the dedicated bucket.

However, we’re 2 ½ years in and I’m no where near needing a replacement mop head. So my mad plans to experiment with homemade mop heads made of old household cloths hasn’t happened, yet.
I just throw the existing mop heads in the wash and on the washing line. I do wish they dried quicker, because they take forever, but this seems a small price to pay for not having to buy the plastic sponge mop heads, especially considering I always seemed to by the wrong size anyway, which cost me bucket loads – boom-tish!

The broom

The broom was the next thing to go. I used to buy the plastic ones that always seemed to go flat in the middle. When the last one died, I ducked into our closest Asian Supermarket and bought one for the princely sum of $10 and hung it up on a hook behind the fridge. It dropped a bit of fibre at first and took a bit of getting used to the dragging sweeping action, but now I find it oddly therapeutic and, ahem, meditative. Not something I expected to say about sweeping, but there you have it. Stranger things have happened…

We’re now 2 years in. I’m not sure how long it last, but it’s still has a lot more life in it (see below), but I always loved the idea that most of it is compostable, saving on landfill.Sustainable-euip-pic

The Vacuum Cleaner

Last but not least. Our dinosaur vacuum cleaner died three weeks ago and when I shared this on Instagram, everyone said, ‘Get a Dyson’. So, when I was offered a Dyson cordless vacuum V6, $899 to review I said, yes, please. Mainly because I vowed the next vacuum cleaner would be bagless, because our old bags were an expensive bit of landfill.

I reckon over the ten years we had our old dinosaur vacuum cleaner we’ve used well over 100 bags and paid nearly $400 dollars for the privilege, just under half the cost of the vacuum cleaner itself. Ouch.

As you may already know, I’m on a decluttering adventure and I’ve cleared the contents of one large bookshelf and got rid of it and now I’ve nearly cleared out the contents of one large cupboard, except for our bulky old vacuum cleaner. This sexy cordless number, that is perfect for our hardwood floors and carpeted bedrooms, fits behind the fridge, so I can sell the cupboard now. Giddy up!

I’d love to hear what your sustainable cleaning options are.

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  1. umm….does my dog eating everything off the floor count as a cleaning option?

    I’m the laziest house cleaner ever. I have a dyson, but I’d much rather use my broom. I’ve got a straw one that I love. I like sweeping because I see the pile of crap I’ve collected. I feel accomplished!

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