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Tarting up the kitchen

Day 13 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have
by Cybele
[pic: London location house available for shoots]
In researching this post, I read the 1968, The Complete Basic Book of Home Decorating by William E. Hague and apart from having a snappy title and recommending its dear readers should use vinyl asbestos flooring, it also had this gem:Untitled
I am hoping you can see the matching paisley-lined splashbacks, oven, stove and dishwasher. However, not all the kitchens were as dated. The neutral palettes with quality fittings fared a lot better in the test of time.
Kitchens are one of the most expensive and resource-rich rooms in the house and hence, why I think it is prudent to be conservative in choice of benches, counter tops, cabinets and big appliances. This leaves lots of room for bold statements in artworks (mounted behind glass to protect them), wall paint and decorating pieces for things that are easy to change. It will save resources and money down the track and the quick updates will keep you entertained.
Your favourite small appliances and crockery make fun and practical decorating options. The trend for open shelving is a really nice way to display some of these things, but it might loose its charm in a really busy kitchen where everything is used all the time by everyone. One option is to fit a single shelf to a vacant spot to display the lovelies and keep the humdrum stuff behind closed doors.
If your kitchen is a one-chef-kitchen then open shelves with everything in lovely jars are more efficient because it is easy to see where everything is and grab without having to open and close doors. The other great thing is it is pretty easy to mount the shelves to an empty wall  yourself. They’re not a toddler-friendly option, but these little folk seem to be able to get into everything anyway.
To sum up, now is a great time to pull your fave pieces out and display them on a shelf somewhere. Take advantage of vacant walls and fill them with gorgeous artworks.

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