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A teenage room renovation

The Power of Colour

by Rachel Nikolic, Interior Designer

 A few years ago we moved house to accomodate the needs of our growing family, leaving behind a home I’d renovated from top to bottom. Our new house had all the space we needed and in real estate terms it was location location location…
But – there is always a but – large and featureless would best describe our new home, painted cream on cream. A remnant of a previous safe 1990’s sale.
After life getting in the way for the last few years I’ve finally had enough of the bland, and I made a pledge to myself to repaint the whole house one room at a time by next summer…..
I’d love to share my journey with you, but be forewarned I’m not afraid of colour.

Project 1 – Daughter’s room

 Miss M. started high school this year and although her room wasn’t a baby -ish room, it had no personality either. Seriously NONE!!
I have proof that an unloved room will not be kept at its best! If you love your space you are more likely to keep it tidy – a definite plus for a teenager’s room!
Choosing colours with a teenage girl is fraught with potential drama! The easiest way to go about it is to get them to pick 2 colours using an inspiration (such as an artwork, poster, trinket, item of clothing, fabric swatch etc). A theme of colours can grow as the child grows. One colour will be the dominant and the other for the accents.
My teen decided on this wee creature…. $T2eC16VHJGQFFhp+l9UYBRYtgOTNCQ~~60_12   As I surveyed her choice with bemusement and wonder, the colour palette was perfectly clear. A harmonious scheme of Royal Blue and Indigo.
To help narrow down the exact colours please see my previous Blah Blah article.
IMG_4726I always recommend a specialty paint store and not the mega-massive hardware store for paint and supplies. You can ask questions, get product advice and trust they know what they are doing. I’m not going into all the how-to’s of paint and preparation, the paint store professional is the best person for this and almighty Google and YouTube will help fill you in on the rest.

Here we go…

Remove as much from the room as possible to give you room to work.
After the first coat of paint things look very patchy, this is worse with dark colours, but don’t panic… IMG_4729
The second coat will take care of it.2nd coat
Once the paint is dry – dress the room. This is a great way of de-cluttering. Be selective on what goes back.  Enjoy your finished result.Rach room
I’m also happy to report that 3 weeks on, Miss M is still keeping her room tidy!
Rachel Nikolic.
Interior Designer
[email protected]

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