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Thai style salmon salad with a twist

 Summer fruits delight the senses

by Gordon
Summer….how I love the fruits of your labour…specifically stone fruit. Something that Blah Blah can most certainly attest to. I go through white peaches and nectarines like they’re going out of fashion at this time of year. Not sure who else likes them this way, but I love the rock hard crunchy, not ripe yet peaches and nectarines…the ones that go cruch like you’re removing some fillings are about as perfect as they get I think..
So what on earth does this have to do with a Salmon dish? Allow yourself to be surprised and read as the humble white peach becomes a pretty decent replacement for lebanese cucumber that a small person has decided to borrow permanently from the fridge or green papaya that can be difficult to get a hold of.
What you’ll need
4 x Salmon fillets
1 big fist size piece of ginger
1 bunch of coriander leaves only
1 bunch of mint
2-3 large white peaches, the harder the better
1-2 large red chillies de-seeded and finely sliced
optional white rice as a side
3 limes juiced
3 tablespoons of fish sauce
3 tables spoons of diced palm sugar
Get your BBQ hotplate or heavy based fry-pan good and hot. Preheat your oven to 180 Deg.
Start off slicing the ginger lengthways and then julienne as finely as you can. Do the same with the peaches, but make the julienne slightly thinker than the ginger pieces. De-seed the chillies and then slice into thin strips. Shred the leaves of the coriander and the mint and that’s your salad pretty much done.
Juice your limes, combine with fish sauce and stir in the palm sugar until all dissolved. Set aside for salad.
Grab a plate, throw a handful of flour on there, a couple of pinches of salt and a good grind of pepper. Dust your salmon fillets and set aside. using a small amount of grapeseed oil, put the salmon on the hotplate skin side down. Leave for 2.5 mins then turn and leave for 2 mins. Remove from hotplate onto a plate and place in oven for 5 mins.
Toss your dressing through the salad and get ready for the salmon.
Remove salmon from oven, place on over the small rice ball and then cover with the freshly tossed salad.
Serve with a chilled Pinot Gris from SA or NZ

About Gordon Eckel

Gordon Eckel, a foodie and (rock) wall climber extraordinaire. He worked in some of Sydney’s top restaurants, but decided that he liked cooking for his friends more, so ran away and joined the circus (aka managing Sydney nightclubs). Six years ago and after a few too many creamy pastas he weighed 105 kg with a ridiculously high cholesterol. He changed his eating ways, wore out a treadmill and dropped 25 kilos in three months. Now he is renown for cooking deceptively healthy food and for proselytizing about the marvels of the great Australian red.

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