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The Coorong

by Cybele
The Coorong is a coastal lake district in South Australia, just before the Victorian border. It is the often ignored neighbour of the Great Ocean Road ‘just’ over the border.
It will always have a special place in my heart after this trip. The big spans of flat water and the crashing waves of the Southern Ocean ripped me open and put me back together all at the same time. It made we want to hunt down Storm Boy’ a film (based on a book) about a boy and his pelican, set in the area.  When I find it I want to watch it over and over to let that feeling wash through me again.What to do in the Coorong | Blah Blah Magazine
Our original plan was to head up to the Clare Valley and visit my relatives. We had to cut the trip a bit short, so drove off the Kangaroo Island ferry, stopped in Rapid Bay before turning right towards home.What to do in the Coorong | Blah Blah Magazine
We crossed the Murray River and followed it down to the Coorong, where the water eddies before venturing out into the Southern Ocean.
We stopped for a fish and chips dinner by Lake Albert.What to do in the Coorong | Blah Blah Magazine
The lady at the bottle shop gave us directions to a proper campsite, but we never made it.

Wild Camping

It was getting late, so we stopped here.What to do in the Coorong | Blah Blah Magazine On the shores of the Coorong Lagoon. From my research it seems to be okay to pitch a tent on Crown or state owned land, so long as you’re not blocking access and it doesn’t have a dirty big sign saying you can’t, but don’t quote me on that.  It still felt a bit rebellious and brought up memories of my childhood.
This was our little home for the night as there was no  space to put up the Taj Mahal, our three room glamping tent.What to do in the Coorong | Blah Blah Magazine
In amongst all this beauty is where I unravelled. The wind, water and love from my little family put me back together. An attack of ants made me laugh again. Nothing like a couple of bites on the bum at breakfast to help get some perspective.
We walked across the sand dunes at 42 Mile Crossing out to the Southern Ocean. Where the last of the cobwebs were blown away.What to do in the Coorong | Blah Blah Magazine
I would have loved to stay and do some more walks, but the road was calling, so on we marched.
Cybele x
What helps you get perspective?

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