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The Little Things

The lovely Kirsten Bradley of Milkwood, a gorgeous blog and permaculture school, stopped by to share the small things she does to make life that little bit lovelier.

Kirsten has inspired me to live more sustainably, build tipis and started me on the delicious and nutritious path of eating weeds. Here are her ideas:How to make life better | Blah Blah Magazine

1. Taking the lo-fi approach

This is something I learned while making technology-driven art, but it applies in the home context too:

What is the simplest way I could achieve this goal given my timeframe and available resources?

 Whether it’s planting seeds or making a smoothie… we don’t often need whiz-bang devices or yet another utensil. There’s often everything we need to achieve the task nearby, if we just think creatively about our end goal.

2. Plant things every weekHow to make life better | Blah Blah Magazine

Plant things every week. Like, every week. If you want a consistent supply of home-grown food, whether its micro greens or carrots or herbs, the easiest way is to do a little bit, very regularly. Lots of egg cartons help with this plan a lot 🙂

3. PicnicHow to make life better | Blah Blah Magazine

Picnic as often as you can, for everyone’s happiness. It doesn’t have to be a sunny Sunday, it could be a normal boring Tuesday evening. Boil some eggs, grab some rocket from the garden and some bread, and head to the park/headland/reserve with your whole family, and a blanket. You’ll allow memories and conversations to bloom that just wouldn’t happen otherwise. (Here is a Blah Blah picnic idea.)

4. Make your own yoghurtHow to make yogurt | Blah Blah Magazine

Make your own yoghut. It’s REALLY easy, cheap and quick to make a week’s supply in glass jars, and then you can add it to everything from pizza dough to porridge. No waste, just lots of probiotic goodness in everyone’s tummies. (The Blah Blah recipe is here.)

Kirsten x

If you haven’t checked out Milkwood, I really would recommend a visit, it’s full of lots of wonderful ideas for a sustainable life.

Do you go on picnics regularly? How do you make it simple to do? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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  1. You got me curious about making my own yogurt. I’m wondering, would any kind of milk (pasteurised, from the shop) do?

  2. I am eating more yogurt these days, I should look in to making my own.

  3. Oh I aspire to a simpler life. I am definitely going to go and visit Milkwood for some tips. Thanks for sharing with us chick xx

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