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How to make a toadstool stool

by Cybele

My tooth fairy was called Dental Floss. She was a bit of a tight arse – I thought 50 cents for a tooth was HUGE. Despite her tightwad ways, I fell in love with her, wrote her letters, made fairy gardens complete with mini toadstools for her and left her cumquats to eat (she must’ve had quite a bitter palette). The love extended to gnomes and all sorts of other creatures believed to inhabit my garden. The possum population did very well out of my nightly food offerings for the magical folk.Toadstool-stool-600
Perhaps, this is why I love toadstools now.  Little H needed a stool for the gorgeous table my aunt gave him and I have been spying a lot of toadstools everywhere lately, which got me thinking. Dental Floss’s tightwad ways have rubbed off on me and I decided to make a toadstool seat using a log and an old wooden bowl. This toadstool making blog came across my path.tools-600

How to make a toadstool stool:
1. I peeled the bark off the log,
2. did a light sand with a medium grade sandpaper, as I quite like the look of the rough texture on the base,
3. painted the log and bowl with an undercoat,
4. hammered the bowl upside down to the top of the log with a couple of nails,
5. painted the base with two coats of low sheen white exterior paint and the cap with three coats of red gloss exterior house paint (just ones I had in the shed.)
6. Painting the spots on the cap was the fiddliest part. I drew circles on the cap by tracing the inside of a round cookie cutter and painted two coats of the white paint inside the circles (mostly!)How to make a toadstool stool | Blah Blah Magazine

Now a certain little gnome refuses to get off the stool and yes, those boots are HUGE on him, but he insists on wearing them in the garden.How to make a toadstool stool | Blah Blah Magazine Bele x

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  1. Awesmazing! I love it, and I love this little boy too!
    Funny funny stool!


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