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The ultimate bathroom clean

Day 17 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have

by Cybele
Scrubbing the bathroom is the one job that makes me question why we humans thought it was a good idea to move out of the caves. Back in the good old days, I had a lovely flatmate who found scrubbing the bathroom therapeutic whenever she had fights with her boyfriend. I was really lucky because they were going through quite a tempestuous time… We always had a lovely clean bathroom.
Sadly, the man I married finds no therapy in the bathroom scrub, so fighting won’t inspire him into action and considering he has similar feelings to scrubbing the bathroom as I do it is a serious bargaining chip in this household. However, I must say my friend was on to something, because with a pair of industrial strength gloves and minus the knock out fumes of bleach I have come to discover that a bathroom gives a lot of job satisfaction. I just use my trusty Little Squirt, Super Scrubber and toilet cleaner recipes and away I go. Still not my favourite job in the world, but at least I don’t get a feeling of fear and trepidation beforehand. A list to tick off helps me through too, along with the acceptance that as with most things in life it is good to get the worst out of the way first.

 The toilet

 Yes, yes, I know, I have researched the best way to clean a loo too… and after running a few experiments of my own, I found a slightly altered version of Shannon Lush’s approach the best, although, amazingly, no one has offered to peer review my findings in a scientific journal yet ; )
1. It all starts with a flush
2. Squirt the Toilet Cleaner up into the nether regions of the rim and use the toilet brush to swish it all over and leave it to have a little rest.
3. Starting at the cistern and working down to the seat, wipe with Little Squirt.
4. Give inside the toilet bowl and rim a good scrub with the toilet brush.
5. Flush
6. Spray and wipe the outside of the toilet bowl right to the floor and the plumbing at the back.
7. Woohoo worst bit done!

Showers, tiled walls, baths and hand basins – start at the top and work down

 1. If your shower curtain is washable, put it in the wash on a cool cycle (with a few drops of tea tree oil and for glass screens I use the glass cleaning techniques in this post.
2. We have a bit of mould (mold) due to some external gutter problems, so until I can fix the cause of the problem I have been attacking it with the Mycologia’s vinegar and 3 bucket method and finished off with a wipe down with clove oil and so far so good. It has probably helped too that I have been running the ventilation fan most of the time.
3. For the tiles I use an old toothbrush to clean the grout with the Super Scrubber and Little Squirt recipes. If things are particularly dire, I use some eucalyptus oil (not on plastic or paint) and that seems to fix the worst of it. I clean the bath and hand basin in the same way. And considering this is a deep clean, it is probably the moment to wipe down the inside of all the cupboards and drawers that you sorted through yesterday.
4. Most taps come up really well with the Super Scrubber with some old stockings to get into the awkward spots.
5. And you’re out of there!
That right there, is the worst of it done. Cheering!
Tomorrow is a project day, so think about something you want to work on and seize the day.
I would love to know what tricks you use in the bathroom.


Cybele xClean bathroom

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